Monday, December 27, 2010
ORNL in the News

Australian to direct ORNL nanoscience center

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Sean Smith, an Australian scientist who heads the computational biology and nanotechnology program at the University of Queensland, has accepted an offer to direct Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences. Michelle Buchanan, ORNL's associate lab director for physical sciences, said Smith was the lab's first choice for the job following an international search that took more than a year. "We're very excited about him accepting this offer," Buchanan said this morning in a telephone interview...12/22

Four ORNL Scientists Named American Physical Society Fellows

(Lab Manager) Four researchers from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have been elected to fellowship in the American Physical Society. David Christen, David Geohegan, Xun-Li Wang and William Weber were named APS fellows in recognition of their outstanding contributions to physics. APS fellowship is limited to no more than one half of one percent per year of the society's membership...12/24


Federal government rates Oak Ridge managing contractor as 'excellent'

(Knoxville News Sentinel) B&W Y-12, managing contractor at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, scored 94 out of 100 on its annual report card from the federal government, with an overall rating of "excellent."...12/26

Alexander cites Y-12 benefits from New START

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Funding commitments tied to ratification of the New START Treaty could deliver nearly $4 billion to build new facilities at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge, according to Sen. Lamar Alexander...12/26

DOE Announces up to $74 Million for Fuel Cell Research and Development

(DOE Press Release) The U.S. Department of Energy today announced it is accepting applications for a total of up to $74 million to support the research and development of clean, reliable fuel cells for stationary and transportation applications...12/22

DOE Completes $17 Million Loan Guarantee for New York Energy Storage System with Recovery Act Funds

(DOE Press Release) Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced a $17.1 million loan guarantee has been finalized for the AES Westover facility...12/23


Homeland Security chief defends airport security

(AP) The use of full-body scanners and invasive pat-downs at airports around the country will not change for the "foreseeable future," Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in an interview broadcast Sunday...12/26

State & Regional

Tennessee Charging up for Debut of New Electric Vehicles

(Electrical Contractor) ... As one of five states participating in what the U.S. Department of Energy describes as “the largest deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure ever undertaken,” Tennessee will soon partake in the unveiling of the new, emission-free, all-electric Nissan Leaf and the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt....The solar-powered stations will be installed at locations owned by the city, the University of Tennessee and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which will participate in the project by analyzing data collected at the charging stations...December 2010

East Tennessee

ATC-Nuclear moving to Oak Ridge

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...ATC-Nuclear, which supplies components and equipment for the nuclear industry, has inked a lease for the former Oak Ridge Tool Engineering building, on Emory Valley Road...12/25


energy & science policy

National Science Board Task Force on Data Policies Discusses Public Access

(AIP) As part of a larger review of the federal government’s data policies, the National Science Board heard from three speakers at a meeting earlier this month about issues relating to public access to research results.  Reflecting other discussions on this matter, there was consensus that increasing the public’s access to research results is desirable, but a range of opinion on how best to accomplish it...12/22

A Battle Over Uranium Bodes Ill for U.S. Debate

(NY Times) The future of nuclear power in America is back on the table, with all its vast implications, as global warming revives the search for energy sources that produce less greenhouse gas...12/26

Green Design Spree Aims to Trim U.S. Government's Big Energy Bill

(National Geographic News) ...With $25 billion in annual power and fuel costs, the U.S. government is the largest single energy consumer in the nation's economy, and among the largest in the world...12/23

Inside Energy Extra

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science & technology

In Budget Crunch, Science Fairs Struggle to Survive

(NY Times) ...In Missouri, two prominent science fairs in the St. Louis area are having financing problems after losing corporate donations. One California school district did not have a science fair last school year, and Louisiana’s statewide competition was almost canceled last spring...12/25

How a Tiny Beetle Could Decimate Yellowstone

(NPR) For centuries, the mountain peaks in and around Yellowstone National Park were a healthy, frigid environment for the whitebark pine tree. But as global warming snakes its way into higher altitudes, a less-welcome resident in taking up space in this fragile ecosystem: the mountain pine beetle...12/26

Global Rivers Emit Three Times IPCC Estimates of Greenhouse Gas Nitrous Oxide

(Science Daily) What goes in must come out, a truism that now may be applied to global river networks. Human-caused nitrogen loading to river networks is a potentially important source of nitrous oxide emission to the atmosphere...12/27

Other Stories

China Matches U.S. Space Launches for First Time

(Wired News)... For the first time since the chilliest days of the Cold War, another country has matched the United States in sheer number of rocket launches...12/23