ORNL in the News

Physicists measure 'weak force' inside atoms for first time

(Futurity) ...“The goal of the experiment was to isolate and measure one component of this weak interaction, which manifested as gamma rays that could be counted and verified with high statistical accuracy,” says coauthor David Bowman, team leader for neutron physics at Oak Ridge. “You have to detect a lot of gammas to see this tiny effect.”...1/15

A microbial hot spring in your basement

(Science Daily) "Extremophiles are a huge part of the biosphere," said Regina Wilpiszeski, a postdoctoral researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and a recent Penn State doctoral recipient. "If we want to understand what life on Earth is doing, we need to understand it across the board."...1/15


NASA's deep-space nuclear-power crisis may soon end, thanks to a clever new robot in Tennessee

(Business Insider) Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee says its robot is "the next key step" in making enough plutonium to perpetually meet the needs of NASA...1/13

Science and Technology

Ocean warming is making waves stronger—and that's a problem

(Popular Science) Climate change is driving global temperatures upward, and “most of the… heat imbalance is going into the oceans,” says Borja Reguero, a UC Santa Cruz environmental engineer and the paper’s lead author. There, it becomes part of the big cycle of winds and water that shape the wave climate...1/16

Energy and Science Policy

Study shows 18 states likely to emit more CO2 under Affordable Clean Energy plan

(S&P Global) A new study concludes that the White House's Affordable Clean Energy program to replace the Clean Power Plan results in more carbon dioxide emissions in 18 of the nation's most energy-hungry states by 2030...1/16


Department of Energy to Provide $45 Million for Chemical and Materials Research in Quantum Information Science

(Energy.gov) ....the U.S. Department of Energy announced plans to provide $45 million for new research in chemical and materials sciences aimed at advancing the important emerging field of Quantum Information Science (QIS)...1/16

Local and State

Oak Ridge general aviation airport up for initial FAA approval

(WBIR-TV) ...A project to bring a general aviation airport to Oak Ridge is in its final phase, undergoing review by the Federal Aviation Administration...1/16

All SEC Universities Achieve Highest Research Designation for First Time

(Tennessee News) ...“The R1 designation brings a level of prestige and national recognition to every university that receives it,” said Robert Nobles, interim vice chancellor for research. “Students—and their parents—understand that attending an SEC school will result in a top-tier educational experience that promotes experiential learning and research.”...1/15

TVA announces solar farms to serve Google data centers

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Two big new solar farms — one in Tennessee and one in Alabama — will provide carbon-free renewable power for tech giant Google’s data centers in those states, the company and the Tennessee Valley Authority announced Wednesday…1/16