ORNL in the News

Fleischmann: Supercomputing race could change with Summit at ORNL

(Oak Ridge Today) The supercomputer being built at Oak Ridge National Laboratory could change the race for supercomputing supremacy between the United States and China, U.S. Representative Chuck Fleischmann said during a budget hearing on Thursday...3/18

Data Dive: Microbes Handle Poor Nutrition in Tropical Soil

(USAGnet) Using high-performance computing, an Oak Ridge National Laboratory-led research team analyzed how the availability of phosphorous affects microbes' foraging strategies in a tropical ecosystem. At right, microbial genes encode the production of phytase enzymes that break apart phytate molecules, releasing much needed phosphate for the microbes' survival...3/16


Researchers develop spectroscopic thermometer for nanomaterials

(Innovations Report) A scientific team led by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has found a new way to take the local temperature of a material from an area about a billionth of a meter wide, or approximately 100,000 times thinner than a human hair...3/15

Terrestrial Energy on track to commercial molten salt reactor competitive with natural gas prices

(Next Big Future) Terrestrial Energy is developing a 190 megawatt small modular molten salt reactor that will cost less than $1 billion to build. This will result in kilowatt-per-hour costs of less than 5 cents, a price competitive with power from natural gas...It incorporates many aspects of Molten Salt Reactor operation researched, demonstrated and proven by test reactors at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory...3/18

Science and Technology

Stephen Hawking had pinned his hopes on 'M-theory' to fully explain the universe—here's what it is

(PhysOrg) Rumour has it that Albert Einstein spent his last few hours on Earth scribbling something on a piece of paper in a last attempt to formulate a theory of everything. Some 60 years later, another legendary figure in theoretical physics, Stephen Hawking, may have passed away with similar thoughts. We know Hawking thought something called "M-theory" is our best bet for a complete theory of the universe. But what is it?...3/16


Energy and Science Policy

Perry defends proposed Energy Dept. cuts

(The Hill) Energy Secretary Rick Perry sought to assure House lawmakers Thursday that his proposed cuts to various programs does not mean he thinks they're unimportant...3/15

Lawmakers look to boost Energy's cybersecurity role

(Federal Computer Week) To protect the energy sector and other critical infrastructure against cyber threats, lawmakers are looking to boost the Department of Energy's cybersecurity role and questioned the future role of its new cybersecurity office...3/14


United States Department of Energy to host multi-laboratory Cyber Defense Competition

(Argonne National Laboratory) In less than one month, over a hundred college students from across the United States will convene in one of the largest cyber defense competitions in the nation...This event will be simultaneously hosted at three of the Department's national laboratories: Argonne National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory...3/15

U.S. Department of Energy Announces $32.5 Million to Advance Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technologies

(Energy.gov) The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced up to $32.5 million in federal funding for cost-shared research and development (R&D) to advance solid oxide fuel cell technologies (SOFC). The selected projects will fall under the Office of Fossil Energy's two funding opportunity announcements (FOAs)...3/15

New Mexico Nuke Repository Studied for Plutonium Storage

(U.S. News & World Report) The U.S. Department of Energy has commissioned a national group of scientists to study the viability of diluting surplus weapons-grade plutonium and storing it permanently at the federal government's underground repository in southern New Mexico...3/17

Local and State

Tennessee Valley Corridor Summit has presentations on energy, manufacturing, security

(Oak Ridge Today) The Tennessee Valley Corridor National Summit in Oak Ridge in May will feature presentations on advanced manufacturing, clean energy and a nuclear renaissance, and national security and cyber security...3/18

Tennessee’s Manufacturing Industry Forges Ahead

(Livability) Lower business and labor costs, a decided location advantage, a world-class transportation infrastructure and a highly skilled workforce have attracted a roster of global manufacturers to Tennessee...3/18