LANL's Lloyd Gordon Lloyd Gordon, putting electrical safety in the spotlight

Los Alamos National Laboratory has become a much safer place to work since Lloyd Gordon joined the then-Environment, Safety, and Health Division in 1998. The past four to five years have seen an 80 percent improvement in electrical safety at the Laboratory, he said, adding, “We now lead the country in research and development of electrical safety.”

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Smoke and Fire: New Toxins Found in Forest Fire Smoke. Image courtesy of Bureau of Land Management. Smoke and fire: New toxins found in forest fire smoke

Smoke from burning ponderosa pines contains previously undetected toxins, or alkaloids, according to a study to be published June 1 in Environmental Science and Technology by scientists at DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The alkaloids are potent mutagens that can affect human health and ecosystems in areas near or downwind of the fires.

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