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Testing of first active combustion throttle prototype begins

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Dr. Jeff Vipperman, right, and Ph.D.
student Pat Schimoler test the
actuator function of the Active
Combustion Throttle. The project is
entering the prototype testing phase.

Engineers from DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory and the University of Pittsburgh have produced and begun testing the first fully integrated valve body and flow control actuator. The active combustion throttle (ACT) concept uses a fast-acting control valve to modulate fuel flow in a combustor to control emissions and improve combustion stability. NETL conceived the ACT concept and developed the design working with the University of Pittsburgh through NETL's University Research Initiative. The valve design includes a unique approach to valve actuation which targets high-speed operation up to 1000 Hz. NETL and the University of Pittsburgh have filed a joint patent application.

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