LANL's Bart Raeymaekers Postdoc fellow aims to create marketable products based on own research

Often there’s a gap between research conducted at DOE's Los Alamos National  Laboratory (LANL) and what is needed to turn that research into useful technology. Bart Raeymaekers’ job is to fill that gap, according to Dipen Sinha, Acoustics and Sensors team leader and Raeymaekers’ supervisor.

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Using Global Arrays, distributed dense arrays can be accessed through a shared memory-like style.Computational science programming model crosses the petaflop barrier

Researchers at DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated that the PNNL-developed Global Arrays computational programming model can perform at the petascale level.  The demonstration performed at 1.3 petaflops—or 1.3 quadrillion numerical operations per second—using over 200,000 processors.

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