Argonne's Biochemist Daniel Schabacker Schabaker: Bioterror sleuth

Biochemist Daniel Schabacker of DOE's Argonne National Laboratory could be considered a Sherlock Holmes of bioterrorism. Although he doesn’t carry around a pipe and magnifying glass as he attempts to nab the culprit, he has a far more powerful deductive tool: the biochip.

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Image from video visualization of the element-117 experiment.Superheavy element 117 discovered

An international team of scientists from Russia and the United States, including DOE's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Oak Ridge Laboratory, has discovered the newest superheavy element, element 117.

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  • Number 309  |
  • April 12, 2010
  • Nanobubbles yield super non-stick surfaces

    Optical profile of a water drop (center) on “nanopitted” silicon with a scanning electron micrograph of the nanocavities (right) and an illustration of the nanobubble’s shape as inferred from x-ray measurements. Want to create a super non-stick surface? Pock mark a smooth material with cavities measuring billionths of a meter. These nanocavities trap tiny bubbles which render the surface extremely water repellent, say researchers at DOE's Brookhaven Lab, who recently captured the first glimpse of these miniscule air bubbles.

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  • Backhoes back off!

    Backhoes back off!Jim Schroeder can now sleep easy. In November 2009, the IT engineer and his colleagues at DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory finished a secondary high speed connection to the world’s premiere research and education networks. This includes the DOE-sponsored ESnet, which serves DOE laboratories and collaborators worldwide.

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  • Femto-scale freedom

    Some of the most tightly bound objects in the universe can at times appear to roam freely. Scientists have debated whether this is a fact of nature or a fluke limited to the objects they were studying. Now, nuclear physicists at DOE's Jefferson Lab have an answer.

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  • ICE-LOC gets lab help on cold weather pipe protector

    ICE-LOC®, a small business based in Bosque Farms, N.M., invented an environmentally safe pipe protector using a dense sponge-like tube that can be inserted into pipes to prevent them from rupturing in cold weather. But without the ability to demonstrate the product, the company had trouble attracting customers.

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