SNL's Martine Duff On the trail of the nuclides:  SRNL’s Martine Duff

Dr. Martine Duff of DOE's Savannah River National Laboratory has made a focus of her career the understanding of the nuclear fuel cycle.  She is hot on the trail of the nuclides.  The trail includes more than the mining, conversion, enriching, and burning of uranium fuel and the disposition and fate of nuclear materials.

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Cover image of the May 10 Angewandte Chemie publication. Biofuel combustion chemistry more complex than petroleum-based fuels

In a paper featured on the cover of the May 10 issue of Angewandte Chemie, researchers from DOE's Sandia  and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories examine the essential elements of biofuel combustion—an important step toward insightful selection of next-generation alternative fuels.

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