ORNL's Stan Wullschleger Alaskan research is a new frontier for ORNL ecologist

If anything could lure Stan Wullschleger to the frozen reaches of Alaska, he always figured it would be his love of mountaineering. An avid climber who recently reached his goal of scaling all 57 peaks above 14,000 ft in Colorado, Wullschleger admits he had daydreamed about traveling to Alaska in conjunction with his mountaineering hobby, but never thought he would go to conduct research.

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Single-Shot Imaging First LCLS results document single-shot imaging

In the first published scientific results from the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), an international collaboration led by Nora Berrah and Matthias Hoener of Western Michigan University (WMU) tested the concept of single-shot imaging by blowing apart nitrogen molecules with shorter and shorter bursts of intense x-rays.

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