BNL's James Wishart James Wishart studies syrupy solvents

Many chemists want to speed things up — faster reactions can produce higher yields. But chemist James Wishart of DOE's Brookhaven National Laboratory would rather slow some reactions down. He studies syrupy materials known as ionic liquids, liquids composed entirely of positive and negative ions.

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Daniel Sinars examines one of the aluminum cylinders used in the Z pulsed power experiments. The monitor on the X-ray machine in the background displays a highly magnified, pre-experiment view of the wavering edges machined into the outside edge of the cylinder. These were used to intentionally start the growth of the instability. Sandia effort images the sea monster of nuclear fusion: the Rayleigh-Taylor instability

A new X-ray imaging capability has taken pictures of a critical instability at the heart of Sandia’s huge Z accelerator. The effort may help remove a major impediment in the worldwide, multidecade, multibillion dollar effort to harness nuclear fusion to generate electrical power from sea water.

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DOE Pulse
  • Number 325  |
  • November 22, 2010