Mark DaltonGrant winner plans new spin on liquid crystals

Liquid crystals, used widely in LCD televisions and computer monitors, may play a prominent role in a device being designed by a University of Virginia researcher, who was recently named the recipient of the 2011 JSA Postdoctoral Research Grant at DOE's Jefferson Lab.

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Sandia researcher Eizadora Yu prepares biomass harvested from liquid fungal cultures for nucleic acid analysis. The cultures come from the endophytic fungus Hypoxylon sp, which produces compounds potentially used for fuel. (Image by Dino Vournas)Sandia researchers tailoring fungi-based biofuels to meet the needs of current, advanced combustion engines

Engine experts and biofuels researchers at Sandia National Laboratories are working on a project that aims to modify an endophytic fungus so that it will produce fuel-type hydrocarbons for transportation purposes.

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