Kirk Gerdes working on some analytical equipment (a GC-ICP/MS) NETL’s fuel cell research: Here, there, and everywhere

DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has facilities in Pittsburgh, Pa.; Morgantown, W.Va.; Houston, Tex.; Albany, Ore.; and Fairbanks, Alaska. To confuse things further, NETL has projects in all 50 states, which means that its researchers are sometimes working far away from home.

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A replica ring of the top-end of the Blanco telescope allowed technicians at Fermilab to test the installation of a 570-megapixel camera and check how camera parts would function as the telescope rotates. This testing significantly reduces the amount of telescope down time that will be required during the assembly in Chile. Dark Energy Camera ready for shipping to Chile

Building and installing one of the world’s largest digital cameras to solve the mystery of dark energy requires the collaboration of scientists and industry from across the globe. The Dark Energy Survey’s combination of survey area and depth will far surpass the scope of previous projects and provide researchers for the first time with four search techniques in one powerful instrument.

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