Sumpter earned a doctorate in physical chemistry from Oklahoma State University in 1986. He has been a member of ORNL since he joined the lab’s polymer science group in 1992.ORNL nanoscale scientist cuts across disciplines

Locker room conversation in the average gym might tend toward topics of weight lifting or calorie burning, but in the locker room at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, you’re more likely to hear ideas for a new nanoscale research project than tips on weight loss.

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NREL Senior Scientist Ibrahim Reda and NREL Senior Scientist Afshin Andreas developed the Solar Position Algorithm now used by solar trackers, orchard growers and movie-camera makers, among others. The algorithm used in the SPA appears in the shadow. Algorithm positions solar trackers, movie stars

Math and programming experts at DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory took an algorithm used to track the stars and rewrote its code to precisely follow the sun, even taking into consideration the vagaries of the occasional leap second.

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