Dave PointerArgonne nuclear engineer offers pointers on style

Don't blame Dave Pointer for his hair. Credit his 5-year-old daughter and her love of summer music festivals.

"I took her to Lollapalooza last year, and she saw some guy with a mohawk and said, 'Daddy, you should cut your hair like that,'" he said. "So I did."

Pointer, a 35-year-old nuclear engineer at DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory, always stood out, even back in high school.

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Microsphere with top removed to display contents.Tiny pores give glass bubbles big prospects

Hollow glass microspheres have been used for years in lightweight filler material, insulation, abrasives and other applications. The Porous Walled Hollow Glass Microspheres developed by DOE’s Savannah River National Laboratory, however, are unique because of a network of interconnected pores in the microsphere walls, which allow the tiny microspheres to be filled with, hold and release gases and other materials.

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