Sandra Begay-Campbell (center) with interns Devin Dick, Tammie Allen, Gepetta Billie and Chelsea Chee at Sky City within the Pueblo of Acoma. Begay-Campbell is describing how a photovoltaic panel works to generate electricity. (Photo by Randy Montoya) Tribal Energy Program at Sandia empowers Native American students while powering tribal lands

Most Americans take electric power for granted, but for thousands of people living on tribal lands, getting to the grid can be a challenge.

A lack of infrastructure, transmission capabilities and policies impede the availability of electricity within the reservations and to outlying tribal areas.

A program at DOE’s Sandia National Laboratories addresses those challenges and connects tribal governments in remote regions with viable electricity solutions. At the same time, Sandia is training a new generation of Native American renewable energy advocates.

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Don Von Lintig, Bill Morse, and John Benante standing inside the muon g-2 storage ring at Brookhaven Lab.Physics Phoenix: Plotting the journey of Muon g — 2

The muon g - 2 storage ring is all set for a cross-country trip to Fermilab, where it will be restored atop existing high-intensity accelerator facilities.

“There it is — the world’s most beautiful physics experiment,” says physicist Chris Polly from a metal footbridge that crosses over the 14-meter blue steel ring of the muon g - 2 experiment, now being disassembled at DOE’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. A haze of dust hangs in the air above Polly and a handful of other physicists and engineers who’ve gathered together to help resurrect the $20-million machine by transporting it hundreds of miles to DOE’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois.

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