Biochemist Mary Lipton at DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory wants to make a noticeable impact on the use of biofuels in the U.S. She is using her expertise in proteomics and mass spectrometry toward that goal. Biofuels from bacteria is PNNL biochemist's goal

When you ask Mary Lipton what her strengths are, she quickly responds with her personality type. “I’m an Expressive,” she says, aptly punctuating her words with her hands. “The plus side is that I communicate and collaborate well, and I look at the bigger picture. On the other hand, I don’t concentrate on details. But I can incorporate the details into a larger vision.”

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Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative Initiative aims to speed carbon capture technology

The Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI) is a partnership among five DOE national laboratories (NETL, Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Pacific Northwest), industry, and various academic institutions that are working together to develop state-of-the-art computational modeling and simulation tools to accelerate the commercialization of carbon capture technologies from discovery to development, demonstration, and ultimately, widespread deployment at hundreds of power plants. CCSI is part of DOE/NETL's comprehensive carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) research program, part of the President's plan to overcome barriers to the widespread, cost-effective deployment of CCS within 10 years.

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