December 1999

Good cheer

The holidays often bring out the best in people, and this year’s been no exception around the Lab.

ORNL’s Protective Force presented a check for $1,300 to Knox Area Rescue Ministries, the result of the force’s annual Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Campaign.

Monroe Free, director of the ministries, came to ORNL for the November 19 morning roll-call to receive the check. “He was truly blown away,” says Ray Hubbs. “We will be able to feed more than 1,000 people during the Thanksgiving holidays.”

Protective Force supervisors matched the first $100 raised. The force’s new contractor, Wackenhut Services, Inc., pledged $100.

The Office of Radiation Protection conducted a food drive that was, they say, “an incredible success” thanks to contributions by ORNL staff, who placed food items in barrels located around the Lab.

Three truck loads of food were collected for 24 families from Campbell, Knox, Anderson and Roane counties. Leftover funds were donated to the Knox Area Rescue Ministries.

Finally, ORNL’s Advocacy Group has done their part to keep the holiday spirit alive by illuminating the “Tree of Life,” the Norway spruce they placed at the Lab’s main entrance last April. The official lighting of the tree was set for December 2.

Happy holidays.


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