December 1999

As transition rolls out, meet with UT-Battelle, but coordinate with DOE

Transition is a topic on the minds of many. The official start of the transition activities between LMER and the University of Tennessee–Battelle team is set for February 1, culminating with LMER’s handing over of the reins on April 1. In the meantime, teams have been appointed on all sides to study the myriad issues that go along with changing management and operation contractors.

The UT-Battelle team will occupy temporary quarters in—and savor the uniquely ORNL experience of—the Quonset hut-styled Building 2001, most recently home to the SAP implementation’s Delta team.

December and January could very well see a lull in terms of transition activities, says Tom Etheridge, who is leading the LMER side of the transition project. Nevertheless, Lab folks are anxious to get to know the players on the UT-Battelle team and obtain answers to the inevitable questions arising about changes that run the gamut from organization charts to benefits.

Deputy Director Richard Genung encourages ORNL staff to meet with the UT-Battelle team. However, he reminds staff that such formal meetings should be coordinated first by UT-Battelle with Martha Kass, the DOE transition manager, who will coordinate with Etheridge, the LMER transition manager. Any decisions should also be handled through the formal transition management process.

Says Genung: “Our goals in working with DOE and UT-Battelle during this transition are to

Questions about meetings or other transition subjects can be addressed to Tom Etheridge, 574-0115, or Martha Kass, 576-0717.

Meanwhile, members of the transition teams from LMER, ORO, and UT-Battelle can be viewed on ORNL’s internal Web site at team_news/trans_teams.htm.—B.C.


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