January 2000

Benefit Plans, OTT, Ethics moving

Benefit Plans is moving its offices from 701 Scarboro to 104 Union Valley Road, more commonly known as the FEDC Building, this month. The move makes way for new office space at 701 Scarboro for the growing Spallation Neutron Source project staff.

Benefit Plans Manager Jill Freeman says the move will commence on January 14 and should be completed by January 31.

The OneCall call center, 574-1500, will be first to move. OneCall service could be interrupted briefly, but “the call center should be up and working by January 17. If service is interrupted during those few days, messages will be taken and followed up,” Freeman says.

Those offices moving to FEDC also include the retirees services office.

The Office of Technology Transfer has already moved its offices from 701 Scarboro to Union Valley Road. OTT’s new mailing address is 111UNV, MS-6499, which is across the street from FEDC. Their phone and fax numbers remain the same.

The ORNL Ethics Office will move to 111A Union Valley Road around the middle of January, says Ethics Officer Steve Stow.


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