April 2000

ORICL rolls out summer term; enroll by May 8

Looking for something interesting and fun to do this summer? The Oak Ridge Institute for Continued Learning is offering more mind- and horizon-expanding courses and field trips.

The coming summer term, which starts June 12 and ends August 4, will include 25 to 30 courses and seven or eight field trips. Among the course offerings will be a series of lectures on the medical effects of nuclear radiation; the continuation of two religion courses, one on Islam and one on the Literature of Faith and Doubt; lectures on African American women writers; a course on Anderson County social services; recollections of Oak Ridge before and during the Manhattan Project; a course on cultural anthropology; and one on forestry.

Included in the field trips will be a trip to the Scottish Games in Gatlinburg and one to the Arrowmont Art School, also in Gatlinburg; the Lincoln Museum at Lincoln Memorial University; the Scopes Trial play in Dayton; and the Thil Glass Show at the Knoxville Museum of Art.

Volunteer-run ORICL, affiliated with Roane State Community College in Oak Ridge and the Elderhostel Institute Network, provides interesting and stimulating lectures, discussion groups, and field trips for mature individuals of all ages—something for everyone. The low-cost yearly membership is open to residents in Oak Ridge and the surrounding area of all backgrounds and educational levels. Members may take up to five courses per term. The no-exam courses are given at the new Roane State Community College building in Oak Ridge. Teachers are local experts and professors from the University of Tennessee and local colleges. Classes vary in length to accommodate the traveling seniors.

The catalog will be mailed to current members on April 8. Nonmembers should call the ORICL office at 481-8222 to be placed on the mailing list. Or check it out on the Web at http://KORRnet.org/oricl. The registration deadline is May 8, 2000.


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