May 2000

UT-Battelle Board of Governors meets for first time

UT-Battelle’s Board of Governors met for the first time on April 20. Lab managers spent much of that day acquainting the board with ORNL and discussing the Lab’s future directions.

Among the tasks in the board’s operating plan are to set policy for the limited liability corporation, provide independent oversight, guide interactions in tech transfer and industrial partnerships, assure stakeholder satisfaction and evaluate the performance of the Lab director.

The board members represent the University of Tennessee, Battelle and the UT-Battelle partner universities and companies. Here are the members of the board, along with their affiliations.

J. Wade Gilley, president, University of Tennessee, chair, UT-Battelle
Douglas E. Olesen, president, Battelle Memorial Institute, vice chair, UT-Battelle

Richard Adams, chief technology officer, Battelle
John Casteen III, president, University of Virginia
Wayne Clough, president, Georgia Institute of Technology
Talbot D’Alemberte, president, Florida State University
Homer Fisher, senior vice president, emeritus, University of Tennessee
Emerson Fly, executive vice president, University of Tennessee
Marye Anne Fox, chancellor, North Carolina State University
Ronald Green, president, Duke Engineering & Services, Inc.*
Mark Kontos, chief financial officer, Battelle
Donald McConnell, senior vice president, Battelle
Nan Keohane, president, Duke University
William Sansom, vice chair, University of Tennessee Board of Trustees
Robert Smith, senior vice president, Battelle
Dwayne McCay, vice president, University of Tennessee
Charles Steger, president, Virginia Tech
Ronald Townsend, president, Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Inc.
Allen Womack, president, BWX Technologies, Inc.*

* Non-voting governor


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