June 2000

Bicycles: Same roads, same destination, same rules

Several ORNL employees marked a national “bike-to-work” day on May 19 by doing exactly that: riding their bikes to work.

It wasn’t a Lab-sponsored or recognized event. Lab officials had very real safety concerns related to traffic, road construction and the nature of the area’s winding roads. But a few employees ride bikes to work daily, and the roads on the Oak Ridge Reservation often feature two-wheelers on the shoulder.

Bicycles are also, in fact, a means preferred by many for getting around the Lab campus. ORNL Reporter even pedals around on its own rig.

Motorists and bicyclists share an uneasy existence. Motorists are often frustrated when they approach a bicyclist and are forced to slow down. Cyclists are often tense and nervous when approached by an automobile. A lack of instruction and poor habits often culminate in unsafe situations.

“Cyclists share the same roads with automobiles and are subject to the same rules,” says Ray Brittain of the Instrumentation and Controls Division. “Many motorists believe that bicycles should not be on the roads. In fact, federal law requires states to make bicycling and walking safer and more viable ways of travel.”

Ray passes along a few tips toward a détente between motorists and cyclists.

Safety tips for cyclists

Safety tips for motorists


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