June 2000

New for campaign: Series I savings bonds

ORNL’s U.S. Savings Bonds campaign started June 5 with a planned visit by Rep. Zach Wamp to kick off the drive. That first day also included a special All-American lunch at the Cafeteria.

During the campaign, drawings will be held for five $100 bonds per week (for a total of 15) and additional prizes. The pool of names for the weekly drawings will come from current savings bond participants and new enrollees.

U.S. Savings Bonds now offer, in addition to the Series EE bond, the new Series I bond. Series I bonds are sold at face value and pay a fixed rate over and above the inflation rate, for 30 years. With Series I bonds, your investment is guaranteed to stay ahead of inflation.

Series EE bonds are sold a half their face value and earn rates based on the market returns of five-year U.S. Treasury certificates.

Both Series EE and Series I bonds are backed by the U. S. government. Special tax benefits are available for investors who use savings bonds to save for their children’s education. If you qualify, you can exclude all or part of the interest earned by your bonds from your federal income taxes when you redeem them to pay for college.

This year’s campaign is chaired by Jamie Crigger and Danny Cantrell. It runs until June 23. Learn more about U.S. Savings Bonds on the Web at www.savingsbonds.gov.


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