June 2000

ORNL plans new recreation program

ORNL’s Human Resources Division is currently putting together a recreation program for the Lab. HR Director Darryl Boykins says the program should be ready to go in time for most summer activities.

Lockheed Martin ended its local program recently. UT-Battelle is setting up a program to fill the gap at the Lab.

“UT-Battelle recognizes the value of a recreation program as a contributor to a positive work life,” Darryl says. “We will be unveiling our program very shortly.”

Boykins indicated that the recreation program will operate under a participant- managed model. Teams, leagues or clubs will be eligible for corporate funding and other support, but will actually self-manage events and participation under general company guidelines.

“My experience is that employees, rather than a company recreation department, are better able to design and produce events in a sport of choice. Those with the interest and expertise are best able to manage and coordinate a particular event or sport,” Darryl says.

The recreation program will soon be available as a Web-based link from the Human Resources and Diversity Programs Directorate site at www-internal.ornl.gov/HR_ORNL/hr.htm. Watch the site for information on the recreation program’s guidelines, contacts, and individual program information or contact Ron Honeycutt (honeycuttra@ornl.gov).


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