July 2000

Special Accident Plan revised, premiums on summer break

Benefit plans has announced a medical plan premium holiday for the summer and changes in the Special Accident Plan. The premium holiday runs until September 24.

A review of medical reserve accounts indicated that the reserves should be reduced, says Benefits Manager Jill Freeman. CIGNA medical premiums are being suspended for a three-month period.

Earlier, it was announced that group life and dental plan premiums would be suspended starting June 4 as a result of compensation received from Metlife.

According to Freeman, for individuals paid on a weekly basis, the medical premium suspension will start with the payroll period ending July 2. Both suspensions continue through the payroll period ending September 24. Normal premium deductions will resume with the payroll period ending October 1. For individuals paid on a monthly basis, medical premiums will be suspended for the period July through September 2000. This premium suspension is independent of any change in premium rates that may be required for calendar year 2001.

Special Accident Plan changes are effective July 1:

If you would like to enroll in the Special Accident Plan or change your previously elected amount of coverage, call the OneCall Service Center to request a form. Special Accident elections or changes may be made at any time and will be effective the first day of the following month.

Questions may be directed to the OneCall Benefits Services Center, locally at (865) 574-1500 or 1-877-TO-1-CALL (1-877-861-2255) for those out of area.


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