August 2000

ORNL people

George J. Malosh has been named assistant manager for laboratories for Oak Ridge Operations. He’ll be responsible for the oversight of activities at ORNL, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and the Spallation Neutron Source. George succeeds Ed Cumesty, who recently was named deputy manager for ORO. George comes to the Lab’s site office from Brookhaven.

UT graduate student Eric Yezdimer, who conducts DOE-sponsored research with UT/ORNL Distinguished Scientist Peter Cummings, was one of 36 American graduate students selected to attend the 50th anniversary meeting of Nobel Laureates held in late June in Lindau, Germany. Eric, assigned to the Chemical Technology Division, was one of 600 students who met with 66 Nobel laureates. The meeting was the first to include a significant number of American students.

Lorie Langley has joined the ORNL Fossil Energy program to lead the Natural Gas Infrastructure, Methane Hydrates, and CO2 Sequestration programs. Lorie will be principal liaison to the newly created Strategic Center for Natural Gas, located within the National Energy Technology Laboratory, and will be the ORNL program manager for all activities associated with the Strategic Center for Natural Gas. Lorie has been technical assistant to Gil Gilliland, associate director for Energy and Engineering Sciences.


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