June 1999

ORNL People
Becky Verastegui and George Dailey
(Top) Becky Verastegui and George Dailey. (Below) Scott McLuckey
Scott McLuckey
In addition to the more than 250 recipients at last month’s Awards Night (ORNL winners were listed in the May issue of Reporter), three Lab employees have also been named NOVA winners. ORNL Director Al Trivelpiece and Energy Systems President Bob Van Hook announced that the Lab’s scientist of the year, Scott McLuckey, has been named a NOVA Award winner by Lockheed Martin Corporation and that both Becky Verastegui (ORNL) and George Dailey (Energy Systems) have been tabbed for NOVAs for their work on the SAP Delta project.

The NOVAs are presented annually to selected Lockheed Martin employees in recognition of notable achievements and extraordinary contributions.

McLuckey, of the Chemical and Analytical Sciences Division, is recognized for his sustained contributions to the fundamental understanding of gas-phase ion chemistry and its application to organic and biological mass spectrometry. He was referred to in last year’s Basic Energy Sciences On-Site Review as “the best person in his generation” in mass spectrometry.

Verastegui, the Lab’s chief information officer, and Dailey led the effort to replace the ORNL and Y-12 business systems with SAP, a “commercial, off-the-shelf” business system. The system was implemented last October 1.

An entry at the 101st annual meeting of the American Ceramic Society by Solid State Division’s Lynn Boatner, J.O. Ramey and T.S. Geer received a first-in-class award. “Hydration Effects in the Layered Monoclinic Oxide K4Nb6O17” won in the Optical Micrographs class. Allison Baldwin contributed graphics design.

Pat Parr, ORNL’s area manager for the ORR, was recently installed as president of the Association for Southeastern Biologists.

An Environmental Sciences Division paper was recently highlighted in the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry’s SETAC News as one of 10 important papers in the field of environmental assessment of contaminated soils from 1997 to ’98. The paper, “Multispecies toxicity assessment of compost-produced in bioremediation of an explosives-contaminated sediment,” was authored by Carla Gunderson, Joanne Kostuk, Mitch Gibbs, Guillermo Napolitano, Linda Wicker, Jackie Richmond and Art Stewart.

ESD’s Robin Graham has been invited to a peer review group to study the potential of a biomass-to-ethanol industry in California. The state wants to investigate ways to foster a biomass-based ethanol industry, should ethanol prove to be an acceptable substitute gasoline additive. The final report to the governor is due at the end of this year.

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