Number 5 July 1999

The public face
'Y2K ready': 6 months to go, ORNL fixes, tests, verifies
Record of decision: SNS at Oak Ridge
Changes boost CRADA, proprietary info safeguards
Lab Notes
  • Web puts science at world's fingertips
  • Summit/WATTec: 'Driving tech'
  • HFIR: Cold-source building complete
  • Deep space requires high tech
Set aside
Security: Weapons lab or not, ORNL 'will get the scrutiny'
ISMS, functionality figure in design of M&C's infrared facility
Summitt tips off `99 United Way
ORNL People
Roberto succeeds Ball as AMPNS associate director
Like Fridays off? ORNL pilots 9/80 schedule
K.Z. Morgan, health physics pioneer, dies
Lab rolls out ethanol-burning, alternate-fuel fleet

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