September 1999

Travelers: Look and book on-line Sept. 8

ORNL’s Travel Office is rolling out Travelpoint on September 8. The online reservation system is an easy to use, interactive software that delivers timely and accurate travel information, says Travel’s Kathie Shearer. Travelers will have access to online flight schedules and will be able to book flights.

“The Web-based system uses a real-time connection to Galileo, one of the largest reservation databases in the world, for up-to-the-minute flight information,” says Shearer. “Using, you can view schedules, availability and prices for flights throughout the world. If you make a reservation, a confirmation number will be assigned to your request. You will also be able to look and book seat assignments.

“While Travelpoint does not take the place of the WEB TS Travel System, we encourage all travelers to take advantage of Travel-point,” says Shearer.

The service also offers car and hotel booking, but these won’t be available for LM employees at the outset. To become a registered user, complete the registered user form on the internal Web’s Travel home page. If you have questions, call Shearer at 241-0681.


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