November 1999

Workshop paves way for ISMS awareness

With a deadline for Integrated Safety Management System implementation among the work force looming, ORNL is participating in a national ISMS workshop sponsored by DOE’s entire “contractor community” in Oak Ridge.

The workshop, titled “Making Integrated Safety Management a Reality,” is being sponsored by LMER, Energy Systems, Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC, BNFL Inc. and Oak Ridge Associated Universities. It’s being held November 9–10 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Knoxville,Tennessee.

Workshop organizers are drawing upon experiences with implementing integrated safety management across all segments of DOE. Sessions will focus on the institutionalization of integrated safety management and the role of workers in effectively implementing integrated safety management on the job.

In fact, Dennie Parzyck, who is leading ISMS implementation at ORNL with CASD’s Marv Poutsma, says attendance by members of the hourly work force is seen as a key to the success of the workshops.

“We want a heavy participation of the hourly workers in this workshop. We feel that’s where the real progress is to be made and where the success of the program really lies,” says Parzyck. “The participation of our hourly folk is key to the Lab’s ongoing success in working safely together.”

The national labs, including ORNL, must demonstrate that knowledge and a thorough understanding of the tenets of ISMS are prevalent throughout the work force by March 2000, a milestone known as Phase II implementation. Phase I, which was completed last spring, gauged management buy-in.

All ORNL employees are expected to have a working understanding of ISMS specifically related to how it can help them work safely on their particular tasks. More information on ISMS can be found on the ISMS Website at


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