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Tuesday, November 27

Overview of Concentrated Photovoltaics

Duncan Earl, PhD, Pyron Solar, Knoxville
ISA Oak Ridge Section Seminar
7:00 AM — 8:00 PM, Calhouns Restaurant in Bearden
Contact: Mat Merten ( ), 865.742.4572


Over the past decade, concentrated photovoltaics (CPV) have emerged as the most efficient method available for converting sunlight to electricity. With CPV cells routinely exceeding 42% conversion efficiency, the potential of this technology to generate clean energy has motivated significant development and investment in the U.S. An overview of CPV technology, the major players and products in the market, and the technical challenges still facing the commercialization of this technology will be discussed. Technical details on emerging CPV alternatives - such as aquatic CPV - are discussed as well as the unique financial and political challenges facing CPV in the ever changing solar market.