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Thursday, November 29

PELICAN – a Multi-Purpose Time of Flight Cold Neutron Spectrometer

Dehong Yu, Bragg Institute, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, , New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights, 2234, Australia
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Seminar
4:00 PM — 5:00 PM, JINS Building 8630, Room A-202
Contact: Barry Winn (, 865.805.6819


A time of flight direct geometry neutron spectrometer, Pelican, has been built and installed at Australian research reactor, OPAL, at Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO). The instrument combines a multi-panel HOPG crystal monochromator and high speed Fermi chopper systems to perform inelastic and quasi-elastic neutron scatterings on a variety of materials and covering fields of physics, chemistry and biology. The provision of cryogenic vacuum from sample to detector intends to decrease background to a minimum level. Polarized incident beam will be realized by supermirror polarizer and polarization analysis will be achieved by He-3 polarization filter. The instrument is designed to accommodate various sample environments like high magnetic field, low and high temperatures. The current status of the instrument and some preliminary test results will be presented together with the schedule for getting the instrument into user program.

If time permitted, I will also present two scientific studies on water dynamics around amino acid – proline and structure investigation of non-linear optical material of KBe2BO3F2 with neutrons and X-rays.