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January 19, 2017 --- For additional infomration on the Quality Assurance of Tennessee Valley Authority Landfills, use this link to email your questions to Nick McClung, Manager of Risk and Quality Assurance for TVA’s Civil Projects and Coal Combustion Product or Phone: 423-751-8025, 423-255-8739
November 10, 2016 Saed Mirzadeh, Corporate Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory : Production of Alpha-emitting Radionuclides for Cancer Therapy ----
November 19, 2015 Brian Davison, Senior Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory : Cellulosic Biofuels: continued R&D challenges during pioneer biorefinery deployment ----
March 12, 2015 Niek Schreuder, Vice president and chief medical physicist at Provision Center for Proton Therapy: Proton Radiation Therapy Technology and Clinical Indications ----
February 19, 2015 Bob Wham, Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Pu-238 Supply Project-Technology Demonstration ----
October 23, 2014 Jim Szybist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Opportunities for Improved Efficiency in Spark-Ignited Engines ----
April 17, 2014 Kevin Jackson, CB&I: Effective Stack Mercury Emission Control In the Power Industry ----
January 16, 2014 UTK Student Presentation: Comparison of Membrane Performance for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries, by Amanda Jones ----
September 19, 2013 ORNL's Energy Storage and Advanced Manufacturing Initiatives ----
April 18, 2013 Dr. Robert Hatcher, UT Distinguished Scientist and Professor of Geology Techtonics and Structural Geology Oil and Gas Production in Tennessee ----
October 25, 2012 Tom Irwin, Program Manager for Tennessee Valley Authority Commercial and Industrial Distributor Delivery TVA's Energy Right Solutions Program ----
September 20, 2012 Becky Ashe, Principal of Knoxville STEM Academy, A New Paradigm for STEM education in Knox County Schools (and beyond) ----
March 15, 2012 Bill Bradshaw, ABS Consulting, Process Safety Analysis, PHA, HAZOP? ----
January 19, 2012 Carter E. Boardman, Chairman of the Board of Merrick International Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Merrick & Company, Hanging Your Consulting Shingle - Why Would I Do It? ----
November 18, 2010 Dr. Keith Kline, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Envinronmental Sciences Division, The Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project: Reconciling Large-Scale Bioenergy Production with Social and Environmental Concerns - with a focus on Land-Use ----
October 21, 2010 Dr. Arvid Pasto, Director, C3/Oak Ridge ----
November 19, 2009 Dr. Dana Christensen, Associate Laboratory Director, Energy and Engineering Sciences Directorate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Dr. Dana Christensen, Associate Laboratory Director, Energy and Engineering Sciences Directorate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, What Does It Take to Address the Nation's Energy Challenges ----
February 10, 2009 ---- Dr. R. T. Jubin, Nuclear Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, AFCI Separations Activities ----
November 13, 2008 ---- Kristen Baksa and Jill Hudson, Farragut High School, Mining Intellectual Gold: Revolutionary, Not Evolutionary, Changes in Education Farragut High School

Volunteers for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

September 16, 2008 Dr. Timothy G. Rials, Professor and Director, Southeastern Sun Grant Center --- ---
May 29, 2008 ---- Robert A. (Bob) Hawsey - Energy Efficiency: The First Fuel in the Race for a Clean and Secure Energy Future Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

U.S. Department of Energy

December 13, 2007 Dr. Charles Forsberg, Corporate Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Combining Nuclear, Renewable, and Fossil Fuel Cycles for Sustainability ----
May 22, 2007 ---- Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences - Oak Ridge National Laboratory ----
February 15, 2007 Dr. Timothy G. Rials, Professor and Director, Southeastern Sun Grant Center The Lignocellulosic Biorefinery: Vision and Implementation ----
February 2, 2007 ---- Manual on how to get started using the AIChE discussion board ----
January 16, 2007 Dr. Chuck Melcher, Director of the Scientillation Materials Research Center at UT ---- ----
December 6, 2006 ---- ---- Dr. William M. Bass, DABFA, Founder of the Forensic Anthropology Center, Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee
November 17, 2006 Dr. John Storey, National Transportation Research Center The Watt Road Environmental Laboratory Initiative ----
September 19, 2006 Brian Davison, Oak Ridge National Laboratory The Role of Systems Biology in Bioenergy at ORNL ----
August 31, 2006 Fall 2006 Social at the Smokies Baseball Park ---- ----
April 20, 2006 Student Design Team Competition ---- ----
February 17, 2006 ---- Mark Swientoniewski, P.E., Result of the MACT Comprehesive Performance Test of the DOE Oak Ridge RSCA Incinerator ----
December 8, 2005 Ward Plummer, Distinguished Professor of Physics at the University of Tennessee The Nanotechnology Revolution: Smallville Comes to Tennessee ----
November 15, 2005 John Benditz, Kimley-Horn and Associates, TDOT's Knoxville Smartway System ---- ----
October 13, 2005 ---- ---- Michael E. Harvey, Jobs Now! Executive Director and Executive Vice President of for the East Tennessee Economic Development Agency - Technology Corridor
February 16, 2005 ---- ---- Craig F. Moyer, Hershey Foods Corporation: It's Candy...How Hard Can It Be?
January 18, 2005 ---- ---- Don Spellman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory: MOX Fuel Program. (This link provides information on the Office of Fissile Materials Disposition program.)
December 7, 2004 ---- ---- John VanZyll, Diversified Product Inspections, Inc.: Consumer Forensic Investigations
November 9, 2004 ---- Tom Busmann, Focus Environmental Inc.: New MACT Requirements for Boilers ----
October 12, 2004 ---- ---- Gary Harris, Tennessee Valley Authority: Green Power/Wind Turbins
September 14, 2004 Dave Hill, Oak Ridge National Laboratory : Energy & Prosperity ---- ----
August 24, 2004 Fall Social - Smokies Baseball Park ---- ----
April 27, 2004 Student Awards Night/Design Competition ---- ----
February 17, 2004 Arup K. Chakraborty, UC Berkeley: The Chemical Engineering of T-Cell Biolog ---- ----