Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes
of Whole Buildings XIII International Conference

December 4-8, 2016



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Paper 1 The Measurement of U-Values on Site

B.R. Anderson

Paper 2 The Energy-Related Performance of Light Industrial Buildings: A Survey E.F.P Burnett
Paper 3 In-Situ Assessment of Two Retrofit Insulations S.N. Flanders
Paper 4 Energy Measurements and Building Parameters for an Auditing and Energy Management System M.D. Lyberg
C.A. Boman
Paper 5 Dynamic Thermal Performance of Insulated Metal Deck Roof Systems G.E. Courville
J.P. Sanders
P.W. Childs
Paper 6 A Method for Comparison Testing of Window Accessories T.C. Lexen
P.F. Muldary
Paper 7 The Final Thermal Inspection of Buildings By Means of Short-Period Performance Monitoring: Two Case Studies W. Esposti
Paper 8 Siteclimate: A Program to Create Hourly Site-Specific Weather Data E. Arens
E. Lee
F. Bauman
L. Flynn
Paper 9 A Comparison of Weather Normalization Techniques for Commercial Building Energy Use J.H. Eto
Paper 10 The Airtightness of Office-Building Envelopes A.K. Persily
R.A. Grot
Paper 11 Seasonal Variations in Effective Leakage Area J.B. Dickinson
H.E. Feustel
Paper 12 Measurements of Wind-Shelter Effects on Air Infiltration D.J. Wilson
J.D. Dale
Paper 13 Constant Concentration Infiltration Measurement Technique: An Analysis of its Accuracy and Field Measurements D. Bohac
D. Harrje
L.K. Norford
Paper 14 Energy Consumption Due to Air Infiltration G. Anderlind
Paper 15 Single-Sided Ventilation Through Open Windows P.R. Warren
L.M. Parkins
Paper 16 Case Studies of Air-Leakage Effects in the Operations of High-Rise Buildings J.R. Wallace
Paper 17 Effect of Interior Mass Surfaces on the Space Heating and Cooling Loads of a Single-Family Residence D.M. Burch
G.N. Walton
K. Cavanaugh
B.A. Licitra
Paper 18 Simplified Procedure to Estimate the Dynamic Thermal Performance of Existing Walls P. Fazio
R. Zmeureanu
Paper 19 Measurement of Thermal Characteristics of Office Buildings L.K. Norford
A. Rabi
R.H. Socolow
A.K. Persily
Paper 20 The Refinement of Descriptive Indices Critical to Improving the Thermal Performance of Whole Buildings V. Loftness
R. Crenshaw
Paper 21 Thermal Exchanges Through Ventilated Attics V. Abrantes
Paper 22 Energy-Efficient Design of Building Envelopes for High-Rise Residential Buildings E.O. Kainlauri
Paper 23 Thermal Bridges: A Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Transient Thermal Analysis P. Standaert
Paper 24 Commercial Hourly End-Use Load Study C.M. Cleary
M.A. Schuldt
Paper 25 A Study of Heat Loss Through Basement Floors W.R. Richmond
R.W. Besant

Paper 26 Measurement of Effective Thermal Capacitance in Buildings K. Subbarao
J. Burch
E. Hancock
H. Jeon
Paper 27 The Guldheden Project: A Full-Scale Study of Energy-Conservation Measures in Nine Blocks of Flats A. Nilson
M. Fischer
M. Nordberg
A. Walter
Paper 28 Hogskoleprojekt II: Evaluation of Effects of Energy-Conservation Retrofits in Existing Residential Buildings C. Rolen
L.O. Hoglund
Paper 29 The Effect of Thermal Envelope Upgrading in Residential Dwellings W.R. Jones
Paper 30 Retrofitting Frame Houses with Rigid Foam Insulation: Field Applications H. de Marne
A.W. Johnson
Paper 31 Determinants of Actual Electricity Savings After Retrofit: Electrically Heated Homes in the Pacific Northwest E. Hirst
Paper 32 Experimental Measurements of Heating Season Energy Savings From Various Retrofit Techniques in Three Unoccupied Houses W.P. Levins
Paper 33 Snow Control for Sloped Glazing—An Energy Penalty G.D. Schuyler
C.J. Williams
Paper 34 The Energy Performance of Using Evaporatively Cooled Air in Building Wall Cavities H. Wu
T. Uzawa
Paper 35 Heat Loss Factors for Insulated Building Foundations J.P. Zarling
W.A. Braley
Paper 36 Ventilative Cooling in Southern Residences: A Parametric Analysis P.W. Fairey
A.A. Kerestecloglu
S. Chandra
Paper 37 Thermal Performance of Rigid Cellular Foam Insulation at Subfreezing Temperatures D.F. Aldrich
R.H. Bond
Paper 38 Overall Building Enclosure Evaluation in Cold Climates: A Generic Methodology for Field Measurement P.A.D. Mill
V. Loftness
V. Harkopf
Paper 39 Field and Laboratory Studies of the Thermal Resistance of Moist Building Insulation Systems D.C. Larson
S.M. Benner
Paper 40 Condensation in Flat Roof Spaces: Two Case Histories J.W. Warren
Paper 41 The Spokane Wall Insulation Project: A Field Study of Moisture Damage in Walls Insulated Without a Vapor Barrier G.A. Tsongas
Paper 42 Moisture Movement in Walls in a Warm Humid Climate A. TenWolde
H.T. Mei
Paper 43 Thermal Effects of Airflows and Moisture on Exterior Wall Structures R. Kohonen
Paper 44 Algorithms to Predict Detailed Moisture Effects in Buildings A.A. Kerestecioglu
P.W. Fairey
S. Chandra
Paper 45 Field Measurements of Seasonal Wood Moisture Variations in Residential Attics D.T. Harrje
G.S. Dutt
R.G. Gibson
D.I. Jacobson
G. Hans
Paper 46 Transient Heat and Mass Transfer in Walls G.A. Spolek
G.R. Oosterhout
R.I. Apfel
Paper 47 Evaluation of Wind Effect on Moisture Content of Frame Walls with and Without an Air-Infiltration Barrier H.R. Trechsel
P.R. Achenbach
H.J. Knight
G.W. Lou
Paper 48 Vapor Drive Maps of the U.S. W. Tobiasson
M. Harrington
Paper 49 The Assessment of Accuracy on the In-Situ Methods for Measuring Building-Envelope Thermal Resistance J.B. Fang
R.A. Grot
H.S. Park
Paper 50 Improving Diagnostics and Energy Analysis for Multifamily Buildings: A Case Study M.P. Modera
R.C. Diamond
J.T. Brunsell
Paper 51 The Stockholm Project: Program for Measuring and Analyzing New Energy-Efficient Apartment Buildings M. Hambraeus
G. Werner
Paper 52 Window U-Values: Research Needs and Plans W.P. Goss
M.E. McCabe
Paper 53 An Instrument for Measuring Building-Envelope Thermal Resistance J.E. Janssen
R.W. Rasmussen
Paper 54 New Materials and Concepts to Reduce Energy Losses Through Structural Thermal Bridges R.P. Tye
J.P. Silvers
D.L. Brownell
S.E. Smith
Paper 55 Convective Loop Heat Losses in Buildings D.T. Harrje
G.S. Dutt
K.J. Gadsby
Paper 56 Experimental and Theroetical Analysis of Energy Use and Thermal Dynamics of an Existing Building G.V. Fracastoro
Paper 57 In-Situ U-Value Measurement: Reliable Results in Shorter Time By Dynamic Interpretation of Measured Data C. Roulet
J. Gass
I. Markus
Paper 58 Overall Building Enclosure Performance: Field Measurement Data Collection for Input into DOE-2.1B Energy-Analysis Program A. Colantonio
G. McIntosh
P. Frisk
P.A.D. Mill
Paper 59 Thermal Resistance of Roof Panels and In-Situ Calibration of Heat-Flux Transducers D.W. Yarbrough
D.L. McElroy
R.S. Graves
Paper 60 Lighting, HVAC, and Peak Load Impacts of Roof Apertures for Non-Office Occupancies G.D. Ander
Paper 61 Optimization of Glazing Design for Residential Use J.E. Ferguson
J.L. Wright
Paper 62 Measured Net Energy Performance of Single Glazing Under Realistic Conditions J.H. Klems
H. Keller
Paper 63 Detailed Thermal Performance Data on Conventional and Highly Insulating Window Systems D. Arasteh
S. Selkowitz
J. Jartmann
Paper 64 The Effect of Daylighting Strategies on Building Cooling Loads and Overall Performance R. Johnson
D. Arasteh
D. Connell
S. Selkowitz
Paper 65 Window Performance Analysis in a Single-Family Residence R. Sullivan
S. Selkowitz
Paper 66 Window Air-Leakage Performance as a Function of Differential Temperatures and Accelerated Aging D. Kehrli
Paper 67 A Comparison of Weather Normalization Techniques for Commercial Building Energy Use J.M. Eto
Paper 68 Parametric Analysis of Impact of Reflective/Absorptive Glazing and Movable Window Insulation on Heating and Cooling Loads in Residential Buildings I. Turiel
P. Albrand
Y.J. Huang
R. Ritschard
D. Wilson
Paper 69 A New Daylighting Calculation Procedure Compatible With Bin Energy-Analysis Methods G. Arnold
Paper 70 A Simplified Aperture-Sizing Procedure for Daylighting Design G. Arnold
Paper 71 Thermal Resistance Measurements of a Well-Insulated Wall Using a Calibrated Hot Box R.R. Zarr
D.M. Burch
T.K. Faison
C.E. Arnold
Paper 72 Protected Membrane Flat Roofs G. Christensen
Paper 73 Hygro Diode Membrane: A New Vapor Barrier V. Korsgaard
Paper 74 Improved Thermal Insulation in Windows by Laminar Airflows P.O. Tjelflaat
B. Bergensen
Paper 75 Performance of an Innovative Ventilate Curtain-Wall Component M. Masoero
C. Aghemo
Paper 76 Energy Balances in a Low-Energy House M.E. Lux
Paper 77 Superinsulation and Warm-air Heating in Sweden A. Blomsterberg
Paper 78 Changes in Building Heating and Cooling Requirements Due to a Reduction in the Roof's Solar Absorptance E.I. Griggs
Nicholas Krouglicof
Paper 79 Thermal Network Analysis of Conditioned, and Unconditioned Buildings R. Chandra
K. Pathak
B.C. Raychaudhurl
Paper 80 An Integrated Approach to Energy-Conserving House Design: A Report on the First Year of Occupancy J.M. Dewill
Paper 81 The Design and Application of an Optimization Model for Thermal Performance of Atrium Buildings R.N.S. Chiang
J.C. Wang
O.A. Olatidoye
Paper 82 A Building Materials Research Agenda E.L. Bales
Paper 83 Moisture Content in Wood Structural Members in Residences with Decay Damage: Results of Field Studies R.A. Spray
Paper 84 Designing the Envelope: Guidelines for Builders B.D. Nelson
D.A. Robinson
G.D. Nelson
Paper 85 Energy Indicators: An Application to School Buildings F. Conti
S. Hammarsten
S. Mahajan
A. Schieroni
S. Zabot
Paper 86 Envelope Design Implications of ASHRAE Standard 90.1P: A Case Study View D.B. Crawley
R.S. Briggs
Paper 87 Guidelines for Minimum Ventilation Rates A.LeMarle
L. Trepte

Paper 88 The BTESM National Program: Past, Present, and Future T.S. Lundy
Paper 89 The Calculation of Space-Heating Requirements for Residential Buildings G. Johannesson
L. Agnoletto
G. Anderlind
B.R. Anderson
R.D. Godfrey
K. Kimura
O. Lyng
C. Roulet
H.C. Sorensen
H. Werner
Paper 90 Community and Industry Participation in Local Energy Code Development and Enforcement M.N. Hart
M. Harelik
Paper 91 The Wisconsin Rental Weatherization Program: New Life for Old Buildings P.I. Berkowitz
W.H. Dosch
E.I. Somersan
Paper 92 The Effects of Thermal Mass Exterior Walls on Heating and Cooling Loads in Commercial Buildings B. Wilcox
A. Gumerlock
C. Barnaby
R. Mitchell
C. Hulzenga
Paper 93 A Parametric Analysis of Thermal Mass in Residential Buildings S.J. Byrne
R. L. Ritschard
Paper 94 Masonry Walls—For Industrial Buildings Only? M. Ackerman
L.W. Kostluk
J.D. Dale
Paper 95 Fenestration and Thermal Rotation: The ABC of Free-Cool HVAC C.E. Janeke
Paper 96 A Statistically Balanced Parametric Study for Building Simulation J. Christian
D. Downing
Paper 97 A Method for Characterizing the Thermal Performance of a Solar Storage Wall From Measured Data J. Seem
E. Hancock
Paper 98 Integration of Thermal Mass Heat Storage in Commercial Buildign Design M.J. Brown
Paper 99 The Stockholm Project: Energy-Efficient Building Technology in New Apartment Buildings A. Elmroth
P.O. Jagbeck
Paper 100 Thermal Envelope Cost Benefit Analysis for Revisions to the HUD Manufactured Home Standards P.A. Keyes
A. Tuluca
R. Pickett
Paper 101 Economically Optimal Levels of Conservation: Sensitivity to Uncertain Economic Conditions M.R. Brambley
Paper 102 Optimal Building Shape: A General Design Tool R.H. Turner
Paper 103 A Decision Model for the Design of Building Envelopes N.S. Murthy
Paper 104 Covered Northern Township D.J. Croome
Paper 105 Architectural Diversity Through Climate-Responsive Architecture M.S. Zdepski


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