Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes
of Whole Buildings XIII International Conference

December 4-8, 2016



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Paper 1 A Sky Radiation-Illumination Correlation Model

F. Arumi-Noe

Paper 2 A Simple Calculation for Obtaining the Number of Degree-Days at Arbitrary Base Temperatures R.K. Phillips
M.C. Gordon
E.G. Linquist
Paper 3 Climatic Data for ASHRAE Region X W.L. Holladay
Paper 4 Development and Application of a Merged Solar and Meteorological Data Base D.C. McKay
Paper 5 Annual Variation of Temperature Field and Heat Transfer under Heated Ground Surfaces: Slab-on-Grade Floor Heat Loss Calculations T. Kusuda
O. Plet
J.W. Bean
Paper 6 Effect of Relative Placement of Thermal Mass and Insulation on Building Energy Use C.F. Rhein
H.J. Sauer
R.H. Howell
Paper 7 Calibrated Hot Box Tests of Thermal Performance of Concrete Walls M.G. Van Geem
A.E. Florato
D.W. Musser
Paper 8 Dynamic Thermal Performance of Walls and Ceilings/Attics K.E. Wilkes
Paper 9 Basement, Crawlspace, and Slab-on-Grade Thermal Performance P.H. Shipp
Paper 10 Surface Heat Transfer in Building Components G. Fracastoro
M. Masoero
M. Call
Paper 11 Thermal Resistance of Reflective Insulations Installed in a Simulated Wall Cavity D.W. Yarbrough
S.G. Kim
Paper 12 Equivalent Annaulized Cost Evaluation for Energy-Efficient Building Component Evaluation C.W. Bouchillion
Paper 13 Numerical Optimization of Building Subsystems with Extreme and Design Weather Conditions R.H. Kim
Paper 14 Envelope Strategies for a Corporate Headquarters Office Building D.B. Crawley
Paper 15 CIRA Economic Optimization Methodology R.C. Sonderegger
P.G. Cleary
J.Y. Garnier
J.D. Dixon
Paper 16 Dynamics of Heat Losses from Uninsulated Basement Floors in Houses R.W. Besant
T. Hamlin
W. Richmond
Paper 17 Thermal Envelope Field Measurements in an Energy-Efficient Office/Dormitory J.E. Christian
Paper 18 Correlation/Prediction of Wall Heat Flow: Computer Models versus Field Data D.P McGrew
Paper 19 An In Situ Study of Attic Loose-Fill Thermal Insulation in Residential Applications D.L. McElroy
D.W. Yarbrough
R.S. Graves
Paper 20 Airflow Windows: Performance and Applications K. Brandle
R.F. Boehm
Paper 21 Repeatability and Accuracy of Pressurization Testing A. Persily
Paper 22 The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Rates in Two Large Commercial Buildings R.A. Grot
Paper 23 Measured Effect of Forced Ventilation on House Infiltration Rate W.P. Levins
Paper 24 Calculating Infiltration: Implications for a Construction Quality Standard D.T. Grimsrud
M.H. Sherman
R.C. Sonderegger
Paper 25 NAHB Thermal Performance Guidelines: 1982 Methodology Update A.W. Johnson
R.J. Johnson
Paper 26 Impact of Building Envelopes on Energy Consumption and Energy Design Guidelines S. Boonatikarn
Paper 27 Parametric Analysis of Energy Impacts on Office Buildings Due to Climate, Physical Type, and Occupancy Characteristics G.D. Ander
N. Sharablanlou
Paper 28 Acoustical Benefits Resulting from Insulation and Air-Leakage-Control Retrofits in Family Housing Units J.D. Verschoor
J.C. Haines
Paper 29 The Experimentally Determined Effectiveness of Insulation Added to the Exterior of Residential Foundations K.J. Wolfgram
Paper 30 Retrofitted Wall Insulation: A State-of-the-Art Review G.A. Tsongas
Paper 31 Effect of Insulating Crawlspace Walls in Residential Structures T.L. Moody
C. Jennings
D. Lamb
Paper 32 Solar Heat Gain through Single Glass-Blind Fenestrations R.L. Van Dyck
T.P. Konen
Paper 33 New Models for Analyzing the Thermal and Daylighting Performance of Fenestration S.E. Selkowitz
F.C. Winkelmann
Paper 34 Evaluation of Thermal Insulating Shutters by Means of a Guarded/Calibrated Hot Box Facility R.G. Miller
R.I. Carey
Paper 35 Thermal Window Louver System Reduces Heating and Cooling Loads and Uses Excess Solar Energy and Building Waste Heat G. Meckler
Paper 36 Review of Gas-Filled Window Technology: Summary Report P. Sabatluk
Paper 37 NBS Line-Heat-Source Guarded Hot-Plate for Thick Materials F.J. Powell
B.G. Rennex
Paper 38 Calorimetric Test Facility for Field Measuring Thermal Performance of Passive/Hybrid Solar Components M.E. McCabe
J. Lecourte
S. Robinson
Paper 39 Acceptance Testing of the NBS Calibrated Hot Box R.R. Jones
Paper 40 A Field Thermal Measurements Technique for Roofdeck Systems R.D. Orlandi
L.S. Shu
G.D. Derderlan
B. Siadat
Paper 41 Thermal Resistance of Loose-Fill Fiberglass Insulation in Spaces Heated from Below R.W. Besant
E. Miller
Paper 42 Use of Large-Area Heat-Flow Meters to Measure Building Heat Flows J.H. Klems
Paper 43 Thermal Flux Measurements with a Compensated Heat-Flow Meter M. Cvetkovic
Paper 44 The Computerized Commercial Building Energy and Load Management Simulation Analysis/Audit System L.J. Lightfoot
Paper 45 Modeling of Commercial Buildings for Optimal Regional Energy Conservation R.P. Mazzuchi
C.S. Rauch
Paper 46 Determination of Thermal Simulation Performance with a Reduced-Scale Structure M.P. Modera
Paper 47 Development of a Simplified and Manual Energy Calculation Procedure for Residences M.F. McBride
Paper 48 Dynamic Modeling for Microprocessor Thermal Control of Buildings Using Identification Techniques M. Cali
G. Fracastoro
C. Greco
V. Marchis
M. Masoero
Paper 49 Effects of Infrared Radiation Barriers on the Effective Thermal Resistance of Building Envelopes P.W. Fairey
Paper 50 Solar Heat Recovery from Windows in Light-Frame Wood Construction G.E. Hans
P. Calthorpe
Paper 51 Thermal and Moisture Behavior of an Envelope Test Building A.O. Converse
G. Hans
A. Sorensen
Paper 52 Thermal Modeling and Design of a Dual-Envelope Office Building P.S. Gujral
R.J. Clark
Paper 53 Energy Monitoring Results of a Superinsulated Passive Solar Building M.T. McCulley
C.O. Pederson
Paper 54 Thermal Performance of the Blouin Superinsulated House D.A. Hagan
R.F. Jones
Paper 55 Economical High R-Value Brick Walls for Housing S.S. Szoke
Paper 56 A Method for Optimization of South Window Areas in Houses S.A. Barakat
D.M. Sander
Paper 57 Indoor Moisture: Effects on Structure, Comfort, Energy Consumption, and Health K.M. Kelly
Paper 58 The Kieper and MOISTWALL Moisture Analysis Methods for Walls A. Tenwolde
Paper 59 The Thermal Mass-Transfer Coefficient and Equilibrium Moisture Content of Insulating Materials S.M. Benner
D.V. Luu
Paper 60 Field Experiences Underscore the Importance of Moisture Control in Energy-Efficient Homes C.W. Jennings
T.L. Moody
Paper 61 A Study of Moisture Migration and Accumulation in Residential Stud Walls F.J. Luft
Paper 62 Evaluation of Current Guidelines of Good Practice for Condensation Control in Insulated Building Envelopes P.R. Achenbach
H.R. Trechsel
Paper 63 Field Observations of Moisture and Organism Damage in Insulated Houses R.A. Spray
F.H. Hedden


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