Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes
of Whole Buildings XIII International Conference

December 4-8, 2016



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Buildings I Proceedings

Paper 1 A Calculator Programming Technique for Estimating Thermally Optimum Wall Construction

John E. Twenty
Lee V. McQueen

Paper 2 Proposed Streamlined Residential Heating Energy Budget Analysis by a Variable Temperature Design Method Gunard E. Hans
Paper 3 Simple Methods for Predicting Thermal Behavior and Energy Consumption in Buildings L. Agnoletto
P. Brunello
R. Zecchin
Paper 4 Energy Conservation Design Guidelines for Including Mass and Insulation in Building Walls Michael E. Dexter
Paper 5 A Rational Manual Method for Determination of Space Temperature Swing Due to Solar Gains E.L. Cuplinskas
Paper 6 Computer-Aided Energy Savings Redesign of the Exterior Envelope of an Apartment Building Gerhard R. Mueller
Donald C. Pedreyra
Paper 7 The Use of Sound to Locate Infiltration Openings in Buildings David N. Keast
Paper 8 The Low Pressure Leakage Function of a Building M.H. Sherman
D.T. Grimsrud
R.C. Sonderegger
Paper 9 A Model Correlating Air Tightness and Air Infiltration in Houses Ake K. Blomsterberg
M.H. Sherman
D.T. Grimsrud
Paper 10 Analysis of Infiltration by Tracer Gas Technique, Pressurization Tests, and Infrared Scans Michael B. Stewart
Thomas R. Jacob
Jeffrey G. Winston
Paper 11 Field Air Leakage of Newly Installed Residential Windows J.L. Weidt
J. Weidt
S. Selkowitz
Paper 12 Air Exchange Measurements in a High-Rise Office Building C.M. Hunt
S.J. Treado
Paper 13 Air Leakage Characteristics and Weatherization Techniques for Low-Income Housing Richard A. Grot
Roy E. Clark
Paper 14 Air Leakage Measurement and Reduction Techniques on Electrically Heated Homes John O. Collins, Jr.
Paper 15 Laboratory Tests of Thermal Performance of Exterior Walls A.E. Fiorato
Paper 16 Calibration Procedures and Results for a Large Calibrated Hot Box James L. Rucker
John r. Mumaw
Paper 17 Comparison of BTR Measurements J.E. Janssen
A.N. Pearman
Paper 18 A Calorimeter for Measuring Heat Flow Through Walls W.C. Brown
G.D. Schuyler
Paper 19 Thermal Insulation Laboratory Accreditation Program J.O. Bryson
Paper 20 Thermal Parameters as a Function of Thickness for Combined Radiation and Conduction Heat Transfer in Low-Density Insulation Brian G. Rennex
Paper 21 The Design and Construction of a Calibrated/Guarded Hot Box Facility E.L. Perrine
P.W. Linehan
J.W. Howanski
L.S. Shu
Paper 22 Design of a Calibrated Hot-Box for Measuring the Heat, Air, and Moisture Transfer of Composite Building Walls Paul R. Achenbach
Paper 23 Effective U-Values for Skylights William C. Burkhardt
Paper 24 A Calibrated Hotbox for Testing Window Systems - - Construction, Calibration, and Measurements on Prototype High-Performance Windows J.H. Klems
Paper 25 Dynamic Interpane Systems for Multipane Solar Collector Windows A.L. Berlad
Paper 26 Thermal Performance of Vinyl Covered Fiberglass Solar Screens Charles Brakefield
Dale E. Hein
Paper 27 The Energy Potential of Daylighting in a Classroom Gary Gillette
Paper 28 Dynamic Response of Conventional Residential Construction to Solar Radiation Through Windows During the Heating Season Zulfikar O. Cumali
A. Osman Sezgen
Robert Sullivan
Robert I. Hossli
Paper 29 Thermal Performance of Managed Window Systems S.E. Selkowitz
V. Bazjanac
Paper 30 Extension of Methods Used in Analyzing Building Thermal Loads Zulfikar O. Cumali
A. Osman Sezgen
Robert Sullivan
Ronald C. Kammerud
Paper 31 Heat Transmission Coefficients of Concrete Block Walls with Core Insulation L.S. Shu
A.E. Fiorato
J.W. Howanski
Paper 32 Modeling of Residential Attics Kenneth E. Wilkes
Paper 33 Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Insulation Systems in Below Grade Appliations F.S. Wang
Paper 34 A Technical Review of the "M" Factor Concept Richard D. Godfrey
Kenneth E. Wilkes
Adrienne G. Lavine
Paper 35 A Method of Rating the Thermal Efficiency of a Home Envelope Relative to an Energy Efficient Standard Robert S. Blancett
Paper 36 A Statistical Decision Method for Economic Evaluation of the Exterior Envelopes of Buildings Anna Maria Ercules
Paper 37 Economic Considerations in Insulating Masonry and Wood-Frame Walls of Single-Family Housing Stephen R. Petersen
Paper 38 Economic Comparison and Thermal Performance of Several Different Insulated Wall Constructions Grenville K. Yuill
Gary Proskiw
Paper 39 Evaluation of Residential Building Energy Performance Standards Mark D. Levine
David B. Goldstein
Metin Lokmanhekim
Arthur H. Rosenfeld
Paper 40 Building Envelope Thermal Performance Standard, The Texas Approach Michael N. Hart
Jerold W. Jones
William Bowen
Paper 41 Energy Conservation Opportunities in the Building Envelope Through the Enforcement of a Mandatory Energy Code David R. Miller

Paper 42 Implementation of Building Energy Standards in New York State Raymond J. Albrecht
J. Delaine Jones
Paper 43 Residential Ventilation with Heat Recovery: Improving Indoor Air Quality and Saving Energy G.D. Roseme
J.V. Berk
M.L. Boegel
H.I. Halsey
C.D. Hollowell
A.H. Rosenfeld
I. Turiel
Paper 44 Ventilated Windows as Solar Collectors, Air as Thermal Media and Thermal Storage in Hollow Core Concrete Floor Slabs David Sodergren
Carl E. Dahl
Paper 45 Thermal Spacers Improve Roof Insulation Performance of Metal Buildings Harold J. Waite
Marvin K. Snyder
Paper 46 Sandwich Panels with Foamed Polyurethane Insulation Lars-Erik Larsson
Paper 47 The Performance of an Energy Efficient Residence vs a Conventional Comparison Home Ralph J. Johnson
Paper 48 Thermophysical Properties Data Base Activities at Owens-Corning Fiberglas Kenneth E. Wilkes
Paper 49 Analysis and Measurement of the Thermal Behavior of the Walls and Surrounding Soil for a Large Underground Building George D. Meixel
Paul H. Shipp
James W. Ramsey
Paper 50 Annual Heating and Cooling Requirements and Design Day Performance for a Residential Model in Six Climates: A Comparioson os NBSLD, BLAST 2, and DOE-2.1* William L. Carroll
Paper 51 A New Measurement Strategy for In-Situ Testing of Wall Thermal Performance P.E. Condon
W.L. Carroll
R.C. Sonderegger
Paper 52 Measurement and Analysis of in situ Dynamic Thermal Performance of Building Envelopes Using Heat Flow Meter Arrays* P.E. Condon
William L. Carroll
Paper 53 Transient Thermal Response of an Intermittently Cooled Massive Building Parambir S. Gujral
Raymond J. Clark
Douglas M. Burch
Paper 54 The Principles of Building Science and Thermography Needed to Diagnose the Performance of Building Enclosures Peter A.D. Mill
Paper 55 Thermal Performance of the Norris Cotton Federal Building in Manchester, New Hampshire T.E. Richtmyer
W.B. May
C.M. Hunt
J.E. Hill
Paper 56 A Field Study of Moisture Damage in Walls Insulated without a Vapor Barrier George A. Tsongas
F. Glen Odell
James C. Thompson
Paper 57 The Effect of Moisture on the Thermal Conductance of Roofing Systems Lawrence I. Knab
David R. Jenkins
Robert G. Mathey
Paper 58 Comparative Studies of Vapor Condensation Potentials in Wood Framed Walls F.S. Wang
Paper 59 Moisture Condensations Above Insulated Suspended - Ceilings - Experimental Results G.H. Hart
Tage C.G. Carlson
Paper 60 Ventilation of Back Space of Building Enclosure Siding for Solar Heat Gain Reduction Hiroshi Homma
Richard W. Guy
Paper 61 An Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Added Insulation on Water Vapor Condensation in Mobile Home Roof Cavities Tage C.G. Carlson
Ross G. Luce
Paper 62 Annual Cycle Moisture Analysis Michael B. Stewart
Paper 63 A Field Survey of the Performance Properties of Insulation Used to Retrofit Cavity Walls of Residences Walter J. Rossiter, Jr.
John L. Weidt
Robert J. Saxler
Paper 64 Recommended Insulation Retrofit Techniques for Mobile Homes with a Simple Payback Analysis Tage C.G. Carlson
Richard S. Bemis
Paper 65 The Mobile Window Thermal Test Facility (MoWitt) J.H. Klems
S.E. Selkowitz
Paper 66 Energy Conservation Study for Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority Building Sam R. Fogleman
Paper 67 Aged Thermal Resistance (R Value) of Foil-Faced Polyisocyanurate Foam Thermal Insulation Board Morton Sherman
Paper 68 The Effective Thermal Performance of an Insulated Standard Stud Wall Containing Air Gaps R.P. Tye
A.O. Desjarlais
J.G. Bourne
S.C. Spinney
Paper 69 The Direct Approach to Retroffitting - Protected Membrane Roofing Peter N. Deal
Paper 70 The Impact of Insulation Placement on the Seasonal Heat Loss Through Basement and Earth-Sheltered Walls George D. Meixel
Paul H. Shipp
Thomas P. Bligh


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