Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes
of Whole Buildings XIII International Conference

December 4-8, 2016



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Buildings VIII Proceedings, December 2001

Paper 1 The Pesky Gap—the Foundation Between Ground and Sill

John K. Holton

Paper 2 Hygrothermal Performance of Masonry Cavity Walls with Very Low U-Factor: A Test House Evaluation Hugo S.L.C. Hens
Arnold Janssens
Wim Depraetere
Paper 7 Wooden Roof Structures with High Vapor Retarder, Low Vapor Retarder, and Moisture-Dependent Vapor Retarder Heiko Fechner
Peter Haupl
Paper 8 Energy-Efficient, Flood-Damage-Resistive Residential Envelope System Testing Robert Wendt
Heshmat H. Aglan
Timothy Barrows
Paper 11 Healthy House Issues and the Development of Low-Cost Housing T. McQueen
C. Jackson-Reese
H. Aglan
R. Wendt
Paper 12 Monitoring Performance of EIFS Clad Dwellings Eric S. Auman
William F. Egan
Paper 14 Thermal and Moisture Performance of a Sealed Cold-Roof System with a Vapor-Permeable Underlay Tuomo T. Ojanen
Paper 15 Evaluating the Thermal Performance of Active Envelopes Dirk Saelens
Hugo Hens
Paper 16 Reroofing Over Failed Roofs Containing Moisture: An ORNL/RCI/SPRI Collaborative Demonstration Project J.P. Sheahan
A.O. Desjarlais
P.C. Garrigus
Paper 17 Guidelines for Ventilating Attics and Cathedral Ceilings to Avoid Icings at Their Eaves Wayne N. Tobiasson
James S. Buska
Alan R. Greatorex
Paper 18 Study of Parameters and Criteria Influencing the Choice of Glazing in Office Buildings in Belgium Magali Bodart
Andre De Herde
Paper 19 Practical Implications of the Elimination of Natural Attic Ventilation in Mixed Climates David L. Roodvoets
Paper 22 Method to Determine Number and Size of Samples Taken from Zinc Roof to Analyze Pitting Corrosion Rongjin Zheng
Jan E. Carmeliet
Hugo Hens
Walter F. Bogaerts
Paper 23 The Hygrothermal Performance of External Walls with Inside Insulation Horst Stopp
Peter Strangeld
Heiko Fechner
Peter Haupl
Paper 24 Inverted Roofs with Reduced Heat Losses Due to a Water-Repellent Separating Layer Holger Merkel
Paper 25 Environmental Boundary Conditions for Long-term Hygrothermal Calculations Reda Djebbar
David van Reenen
Mavinkal K. Kumaran
Paper 26 Moisture Migration through Exterior Envelopes in Brazil Nathan Mendes
Roberto Lamberts
Paulo Cesar Philippi
Paper 27 Moisture Conditions in a Concrete Slab on Grade with Floor Heating Peter Roots
Per I. Sandberg
Paper 32 Combined Heat, Air, and Moisture Transport in Loose-Filled Insulation–Experiment and Simulation Katrin Reisner
Jinkai Wang
Carl-Eric Hagentoft
Georg-Wilhelm Mainka
Paper 33 Interior Moisture Design Loads for Residences Anton TenWolde
Iain S. Walker
Paper 34 Microclimate: Field Measurements, Driving Rain Analyses Bijan Adl-Zarrabi
Anneli B. Hogberg
Paper 36 Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Coupled Heat and Moisture Transport Problems John Grunewald
Rudolf Plagge
Peter Haupl
Paper 37 The Performance of Daylighting Systems Under Partly Cloudy Skies Paulo S. Scarazzato
Lucila C. Labaki
Rosana Caram
Irving M. Franco
Marcia P. Alucci
Eleonora S. Assis
Paper 38 Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Driving Rain on Buildings: Numerical Simulation and Experimental Verification Bert Blocken
Jan Carmeliet
Paper 39 High-Performance Wood-Based Panels Substitute Breathable Membranes on External Wall Sheathings Helmut B.R. Marquardt
Georg-W. Mainka

Paper 41 Methods for the Assessment of Moisture Content of Envelope Assemblies Dominique Derome
Anik Teasdale-St-Hilaire
Paul Fazio
Paper 42 Moisture Performance of Leaky Exterior Walls With Added Insulation Guylaine Desmarais
Dominique Derome
Paul Fazio
Paper 43 Heat Recovery in Building Envelopes Max H. Sherman
Iain S. Walker
Paper 44 Experimental Investigation of the Hygrothermal Performance of Insulation Materials Kurt K. Hansen
Carsten Rode
Ernst J. de Place Hansen
Tim Padfield
Finn Kristiansen
Paper 46 Hybrid Ventilation Retrofit in a School Setting Asa M. Wahlstrom
John Rune Nielsen
Paper 47 Optimal Design of Building Envelopes Claus Rudbeck
Toke R. Nielsen
Svend Svendsen
Paper 52 Introduction of Environmental Quality Management Procedures in the Housing Sector of Latvia Andreis Kreslins
Olita Belindzeva-Korkla

Paper 54 Model and Experiments for Hygrothermal Conditions of the Envelope and Indoor Air of Buildings Carsten Rode
Karl Grau
Teruaki Mitamura
Paper 57 The Impact of Sorption History and Hysteresis on Moisture Pattern in a Wood-Framed Building Envelope Dominique Derome
Paper 58 Multicriteria Interactive Tool to Sketch the Building Envelope During First Stages of Architectural Design Jean-Marie Hauglustaine
Paper 64 A Building America Prototype Home Packed with HVAC Features Dianne M. Griffiths
Paper 67 Building in Green: Field Experience in Whole Building—Document Review and Project Field Monitoring Bion D. Howard
Stanley J. Sersen
Paper 70 The Influence of Design on Drying of Wood-Frame Walls Under Controlled Conditions Donald G. Hazleden
Paul I. Morris
Paper 72 An Assessment of Interlaboratory Repeatability and Reproducibility in Fenestration Energy Ratings: 1999 and 2000 NFRC Interlaboratory Round Robin Tests Daniel J. Wise
Bipin V. Shah
Paper 74 Residential Commissioning to Assess Envelope and HVAC System Performance Craig P. Wray
Max H. Sherman
Paper 78 Adapting PERSIST for the Prevention of Water Accumulation in Residential Wood Frame Construction Peter D. Baker
Chris B. Makepeace
Paper 79 Conduction Z-transfer Function Coefficients for Common Composite Wall Assemblies Elisabeth Kossecka
Jan Kosny
Paper 80 Energy Benefits of Application of Massive Walls in Residential Buildings J. Kosny
T. Petrie
D. Gawin
P. Childs
A. Desjarlais
J. Christian
Paper 81 Thermal Comfort Controller for HVAC Systems With Mechanical Ventilators Dipak J. Shah
Paper 86 Requirements of the 2000 International Building Code and 2000 International Residential Code on Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems David A. Bowman
Steven R. Thorsell
Paper 88 A Configurable Smart Facade Unit for On-site Calibration and Control Optimization Tahar Messadi
Godfried Augenbroe
Paper 90 Why We Need to Know More About Basement Moisture Mariou Cheple
Patrick H. Huelman
Paper 92 Effect of Initial Moisture Content and Type of Surface Finish Layers on the Energy Performance of a Residential House with Cellular Concrete Walls Dariusz J. Gawin
Jan Kosny
Paper 93 Sustainable Buildings for China Leon R. Glicksman
Qingyan Chen
Leslie Norford
Andrew Scott
Juintow Lin
Paper 94 Indecent Exposure to the Risks of Building Failures and Lawsuits—Case Studies Robert R. Marshall
Paper 96 Evaluation of Energy Code Trade-Offs Andrew S. Lau
Mark R. Fortney
William P. Bahnfleth
Eric F.P. Burnett
Paper 97 Experimental Study of Temperature Distributions Across Two Curtain Wall Systems Hua Ge
Paul Fazio
Jiwu Rao
Paper 108 A Proposed Test Procedure for Separating Exterior Envelope Air Leakage from Interior Partition Air Leakage Gary Proskiw
Anil Parekh
Paper 113 Building Envelope Technology Road Map—A Vision and Strategy for the Building Envelope of the Future Bill Babuich
Edward Barbour
Kathryn Fry
Ronald Santoro
Paper 114 A Heat and Mass Transfer Correlation for Laminar and Turbulent Flow Across a Low-Slope Roof William A. Miller
Jerald A. Atchley
Paper 115 The Thermal Performance of Painted and Unpainted Standing-Seam Metal Roofing Systems Exposed to Two Years of Weathering Scott A. Kriner
William A. Miller
Andre O. Desjarlais
Paper 116 Modeling of Hygrothermal Behavior of Two-Dimensional Concrete Structures Dariusz J. Gawin
Bernhard A. Schrefler
Paper 120 Measured Infiltration Reduction in California Production Houses Using Housewrap Bruce A. Wilcox
Theresa A. Weston
Paper 121 Quality Assurance for Building Envelope Air Barrier Systems Kevin D. Knight
Bryan J. Boyle
Bert G. Phillips
Paper 123 Measured Summer Values of Sheathing and Shingle Temperatures for Residential Attics and Cathedral Ceilings William B. Rose
Paper 127 The Development of an Alternative to Chapter 11 of the IRC 2000 for Use in Pennsylvania Eric F.P. Burnett
Mark R. Fortney
Paper 128 Heat and Moisture Control Considerations with Steel Framing in Low-Rise Residential Construction Eric F.P. Burnett
Robert Bombino
Paper 130 Faulty Practices in House Painting in Cold Climates—The Exterior Vapor Retarder Problem G. Marvin Eyolfson
Paper 136 Laboratory Investigations of Weather Resistive Barriers Used with Cedar Siding Theresa A. Weston
Tony D. Zatkulak
Jim Waggoner
Nimrit Kang
Paper 141 Moisture Content of Indoor Air and Structures in Buildings with Vapor-Permeable Envelopes Carey J. Simonson
Mikael H. Salonvaara
Tuomo Ojanen
Paper 143 Partial Environmental Life-Cycle Inventory of Single-family Houses Martha G. VanGeem
Medgar L. Margeau
John Gajda
Michael A. Nisbet
Paper 146 Effect of Solar Radiation Control on Energy Costs—A Radiation Control Fact Sheet for Low-Slope Roofs Thomas W. Petrie
Jerald A. Atchley
Phillip W. Childs
Andre O. Desjarlais
Paper 147 Comparison of Techniques for In Situ, Non-Damaging Measurement of Infrared Emittances of Low-Slope Roof Membranes Phillip W. Childs
Thomas W. Petrie
Jerald A. Atchley
Paper 149 Taking the Vital Signs of a Building: Understanding Building Performance by Taking a Building's Vital Signs Alison G. Kwok
Walter T. Grondzik
Paper 153 Software Tools for Building Envelopes: EnergyPlus: New, Capable and Linked Drury B. Crawley
Curtis O. Pedersen
Michael J. Witte
Linda K. Lawrie
Richard K. Strand
Robert H. Henniger
Frederick C. Winkelmann
Richard J. Liesen
Jason Glazer
W.F. Buhl
Daniel E. Fisher
Don B. Shirey
Paper 154 Developing a Road Map to the 21st Century for Commercial Whole Buildings Drury B. Crawley
Paper 156 Adaptation of Rain-Screen Principles in Window-Wall Design Stephane P. Hoffman
Paper 157 Improving Information Technology to Maximize Fenestration Energy Efficiency Dariush K. Arasteh
Robin D. Mitchell
Christian Kohler
Charlie Huizenga
Dragan C. Curcija
Paper 158 The Recycled Building Project Mark Gorgolewski
Paper 162 Evaluation of Solar Radiation Transmission Through Transparent Facades Rosana M. Caram
Joaquim Pizzutti
Lucila C. Labaki
Eduvaldo P. Sichieri
Paper 163 Extending the Life Span of Concrete Buildings in Germany/Middle Europe by Applying an External Thermal Insulation System Erich Cziesielski

Paper 165 Convection in Loose-fill Attic Insulation— Simulations and Large-Scale Measurements Paula Wahlgren

Paper 167 A Precision Weighing System for Helping Assess the Hygrothermal Response of Full-scale Wall Assemblies Wahid Maref
Michael A. Lacasse
Nicholas Krouglicof
Paper 171 Domestic Water Heater Attached to Facades of Tall Buildings Exposed to Solar Radiation Marcelo R. Errera
Aloisio L. Schmid
Patricia B. Errera
Paper 174 Wall Moisture Problems in Seattle Andre O. Desjarlais
Achilles Karagiozis
Michael A. Ki-Kramer
Paper 175 Stochastic Building Envelope Modeling—The Influence of Material Properties Mikael Salonvaara
Achilles Karagiozis
Andreas Holm
Paper 176 WUFI-ORNL/IBP—A North American Hygrothermal Model Achilles Karagiozis
Hartwig Kunzel
Andreas Holm
Paper 177 Bioligical Growth on Stucco Hartwig M. Kuenzel
Klaus Sedlbauer
Paper 178 Uncertainty Approaches for Hygrothermal Building Simulations—Drying of AAC in Hot and Humid Climates Andreas H. Holm
Hartwig M. Kuenzel
Jan Radon
Paper 179 Building Science Details for Architectural Precast Concrete Sandwich Panels William C. Brown
David L. Scott
David G.J. Dechamplain
Paper 180 Stucco-Clad Wall Drying Experiment Mark D. Lawton
William C. Brown
Andy M. Lang
Paper 182 The Role of the Building Envelope Professional in the Aftermath of Vancouver's Leaky Condominium Crisis David G. Kayll

Paper 183 Case Study: A Wisconsin High-Performance House Thomas Brown

Paper 184 The Influence of Low-Permeance Vapor Barriers on Roof and Wall Performance J.F. Straube

Paper 186 Envelope and Internal Space Performance of Office Buildings in a Hot Climate Ali M. Al-Garny
John A. Tinker
Paper 187 Commissioning Twin Houses for Assessing the Performance of Energy-Conserving Technologies Michael C. Swinton
Hussein Moussa
Roger J. Marchand
Paper 188 Assessing Heat Flow Patterns in Basement Walls with Exterior Insulation Michael C. Swinton
Wahid Maref
Mark Bomberg
M. Kumar Kumaran
Nicole Normandin
Paper 190 Rainwater Management Joseph William Lstiburek
Paper 191 Resource Efficient Residential Construction: The Building America Program Armin Rudd
Betsy Pettit
Mark Sevier
Paper 193 How a Building Heating Supply System Affects Energy Demand and Indoor Comfort Carl-Eric Hagentoft
Peter Roots
Paper 194 A Modeling Study of Ventilation in Manufactured Houses Andrew K. Persily
Samuel R. Martin
Paper 300 Thermal Mass and Its Effect on the Whole Building Energy Performance, Parts I and II Jan Kosny
Paper 301 Building Failures and Successes in Hot and Humid Climates Joseph Lstiburek
Jacques Rousseau
Paper 302 High-Performance Windows in Residential and Commercial Buildings John Carmody
Chris Mathis
Kate Offringa
James Benney
Paper 305 Thermal Integrity in Wood-Framed Houses: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly John Tooley

Paper 306 Practical Hygrothermal Modeling for Building Enclosure Design John Straube
Achilles Karagiozis
Hartwig Kuenzel
Andreas Holm
Mika Salonvaara
Paper 307 Building Envelopes in Historic Buildings Christopher Borgal
William Brown
Mark Lawton


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