Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes
of Whole Buildings XIII International Conference

December 4-8, 2016



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Paper 1 Testing of Flat Roofs Insulated with Cellulose Fiber

Paul Fazio
Dominique Derome
Dino Gerbasi
Andreas Athienitis
Sebastiano Depani

Paper 2 Application of a New Type of Air and Vapor Retarder in a Self-Drying Sloped Roof with a Cathedral Ceiling Hugo Hens
Arnold Janssens
Paper 3 The Impact of Reflectivity and Emissivity of Roofs on Building Cooling and Heating Energy Use Hashem Akbari
Steven J. Konopacki
Paper 4 Moisture Studies of a Self-Drying Roof: Tests in the Large-Scale Climate Simulator and Results from Thermal and Hygric Models Andre O. Desjarlais
Thomas W. Petrie
Phillip W. Childs
Jerald A. Atchley
Paper 5 Convective Processes in Loose-Fill Attic Insulation—Metering Equipment Paula Wahlgren
Paper 6 Moldy Houses—Building Science Lessons from the Wallaceburg Project Mark D. Lawton
Paper 7 Evaluation of Energy Performance of Nine Identical Row Houses in Montreal Radu G. Zmeureanu
Medgar L. Marceau
Jacques Payer
Dominique Derome
Paper 8 Navy Family Housing Energy Audit and Analysis Software Craig S. Collins
Richard T. Hibbert
Sharon M. deMonsabert
Charles R. Miles
Walter A. Morgan
Joan Webb Long

Paper 9

Energy Performance of a Renovated Two-Family House in Massachusetts Duncan F. Prahl
Paper 10 A Performance-Based Quality Assurance System Mark T. Bomberg
Joseph W. Lstiburek
Paper 11 Experimental Setup for the Study of Air Leakage Patterns Guylaine Desmarais
Dominique Derome
Paul Fazio
Paper 12 Organic Insulation Materials: Effect on Indoor Humidity and Necessity of a Vapor Barrier Carsten Rode
Paper 13 A Qualitative Model for Moisture Balance in Painted Vertical Wood Paneling Stefan G. Hjort
Paper 14 More Moisture Load Tolerance of Construction Assemblies Through the Application of a Smart Vapor Retarder Hartwig M. Kuenzel
Paper 15 Temperature and Moisture Performance of Wall Assemblies with Fiberglass and Cellulose Insulation William B. Rose
David J. McCaa
Paper 16 Strategies for Use of the Building Envelope as a Dynamic Element in Thermal Performance M. Mahan
Paper 17 Providing Building Efficiency by Optimally Designing Atria into the Whole Building Concept P. Simmonds
Paper 18 Home Energy Ratings—An Alternative for Determining Code Compliance M.E. Verdict

Paper 19 Improving the Drying Efficiency of Timber Frame Walls in Cold Climates by Using Exterior Insulation Tuomo Ojanen
Paper 20 Drying Capabilities of Wood Frame Walls with Wood Siding Mikael H. Salonvaara
Tuomo T. Ojanen
Erkki Kokko
Achilles N. Karagiozis
Paper 21 EIFS Hygrothermal Performance Due to Initial Construction Moisture as a Function of Air Leakage, Interior Cavity Insulation, and Climate Conditions Mikael H. Salonvaara
Achilles N. Karagiozis
Paper 22 Drainage, Ventilation Drying, and Enclosure Performance John F. Straube
Eric F.P. Burnett
Paper 23 Condensation Risk Assessment Arnold Janssens
Hugo Hens
Paper 24 Carbon Monoxide Exposure from a Vehicle in a Garage Thomas H. Greiner
Charles V. Schwab
Paper 25 Achieving Sustainable Construction in Affordable Housing Mark P. Ternes
Michael K. Barcik
Dennis B. Creech
Paper 26 Computer Simulation of Window Condensation Potential Alexander G. McGowan
John L. Wright
Paper 27 Commissioning for Humidified Buildings W. Rose
B. Deal
Paper 28 Applied Moisture Engineering Achilles N. Karagiozis
Paper 29 Thermal Mass Factors for ICP Walls in the MEC and Manual J Bruce A. Wilcox
Martha G. Van Geem
Paper 30 Retrofit Wall System for Insulation and Lead Encasement in Older Multifamily Housing Robert L. Wendt
Sherry E. Livengood
James D. Cavallo
Paper 31 Straw Bale Wall Hot Box Test Results and Analysis Jeffrey E. Christian
Andre O. Desjarlais
Therese K. Stovall
Paper 32 The Whole Wall Thermal Performance Calculator—On the Net Jeffrey E. Christian
Jan Kosny
Andre O. Desjarlais
Phillip W. Childs
Paper 33 Thermal Performance of a Low-Cost Sustainable Wall Construction System Arun Vohra
Arthur H. Rosenfeld
Michael D. McDiarmid
Therese K. Stovall
Kenneth B. Wilkes
Andre O. Desjarlais
Jan Kosny
Paper 34 Thermal Performance of Fenestration Systems in the Hot Climate of Saudi Arabia John A. Tinker
Khalid Al-Buijan
Paper 35 Energy and Daylight Performance of Angular Selective Glazings Robert Sullivan
Liliana O. Beltran
Eleanor S. Lee
Michael D. Rubin
Stephen E. Selkowitz
Paper 36 Rapid Field Testing of Low-Emittance Coated Glazings for Product Verification Brent T. Griffith
Christian J. Kohler
Daniel Turler
Dariush Arasteh
Paper 37 Experimental Techniques for Measuring Temperature and Velocity Fields to Improve the Use and Validation of Building Heat Transfer Models Brent T. Griffith
Daniel Turler
Howdy Goudey
Dariush K. Arasteh
Paper 38 Unvented Attic Performance J.W. Lstiburek
Paper 39 Radiation Control Coatings on Rough-Surfaced Roofs at a Federal Facility: Two Summers of Monitoring Plus Roof and Whole Building Modeling Thomas W. Petrie
Phillip W. Childs
Jeffrey E. Christian
Paper 40 A Full-Scale Research Project to Evaluate Industry Concerns Regarding Roof Re-Cover Over Wet Insulation Andre O. Desjarlais
James P. Sheahan
Joe Hale
Stan W. Choiniere
Peter C. Garrigus
Paper 41 Predicting Moisture Problems in Low-Slope Roofing Andre O. Desjarlais
Nan A. Byars
Paper 42 Two-Dimensional Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in Tall Glazing Cavities Joseph P. Power
Dragan Curcija
William P. Goss
Paper 43 Improved Heat Transfer Correlations for Quantifying Laminar Natural Convection Across Fenestration Glazing Cavities Yie Zhao
Dragan Curcija
Joseph P. Power
William P. Goss
Paper 44 Effect of Realistic Boundary Conditions in Computer Modeling of Condensation Resistance for Fenestration Systems Dragan Curija
Yie Zhao
William P. Goss
Paper 45 Local Heat Transfer in Open Frame Cavities of Fenestration Systems Thomas R. Branchaud
Dragan Curija
William P. Goss
Paper 46 Decision Making on the Indoor Environment and Building Envelope of Canada's Library of Parliament Stephane P. Hoffman
Mark D. Lawton
Paper 47 Building Material Problems Caused by Condensation at an Enclosed Swimming Pool and an Enclosed Ice Rink Martha G. VanGeem
Kami Farahmandpour
John Gajda
Paper 48 Case Study—Ice Dam Remediation for Northeast Ski-Area Condominiums Henri C. Fennell
Paper 49 Moisture in the Roofs of Cold Storage Buildings Wayne N. Tobiasson
Alan R. Greatorex
Barbara A. Fabian
Paper 50 Field Observations and Laboratory Tests of Water Migration in Walls with Shiplap Hardboard Siding

George A. Tsongas
Dennis P. Govan
Jack A. McGillis

Paper 51 Four-Year On-Site Measurement of Heat Flow in Slab-on-Ground Floors with Wet Soils Harold A. Trethowen
Angelo E. Delsante
Paper 52 Three-Dimensional Modeling of Conditioned and Unconditioned Basement Thermal Performance William P. Bahnfleth
Cynthia A. Cogil
Grenville K. Yuill
Paper 53 Experimental and Theoretical Study of Natural Convection in a Superposed Air and Porous Layer When Heated from Below Mihail G. Serkitjis
Paper 54 Mathematical Simulation for Correct Coupling of Direct Solar Gain to Thermal Mass Inside a Prototypical Space Tahar Messadi

Paper 55 Effects of Layered Soil on Basement Heat Transfer Sangho Choi
Moncef Krarti
Paper 56 Integrated Performance of an Automated Venetian Blind/Electric Lighting System in a Full-Scale Private Office Eleanor S. Lee
Dennis L. DiBartolomeo
Edward L. Vine
Stephen E. Selkowitz
Paper 57 Residential Fenestration Performance Analysis Using RESFEN 3.1 Yu Joe Huang
Robin D. Mitchell
Dariush Arasteh
Stephen E. Selkowitz
Paper 58 Realization Rates of the National Energy Audit Linda G. Berry
Michael B. Gettings
Paper 59 To Storm or Not to Storm: Measurement Method to Quantify Impact of Exterior Envelope Airtightness on Energy Usage Prior to Construction Andre O. Desjarlais
Kenneth W. Childs
Jeffrey E. Christian
Paper 60 Heat Transmission Through Walls with Slotted Steel Studs Thomas R. Blomberg
Johan Claesson
Paper 61 Dynamic Thermal Performance of Concrete and Masonry Walls Jan Kosny
Elisabeth Kossecka
Andre O. Desjarlais
Paper 62 Thermal and Shear Wall Performance of Building Assemblies with Insulated Frames Joseph A. Charlson
Paper 63 Thermal Inertia of Straw Bale Walls Francisco Arumi-Noe
Kathryn Hamilton
Paper 64 Air Pressures in Wood Frame Walls Anton TenWolde
Charles G. Carll
Vyto Malinauskas
Paper 65 Installed Performance of Two Insulation Systems During Simulated Wind Conditions Donald P. Otto
Paper 66 Typical Envelope and Duct Leakages in Newly Constructed MEC-Compliant Homes Matthew M. Pesce
Geoffrey J. Gilg
Paper 67 Testing of Air Barrier Construction Details J. Rousseau
Paper 68 Developing a New-Generation Building Simulation Tool in the United States D.B. Crawley
L.K. Lawrie
C.O. Pedersen
R.J. Liesen
D.E. Fisher
R.K. Strand
R.D. Taylor
F.C. Winkelmann
W.F. Buhl
A.E. Erdem
Y.J. Huang
Paper 69 Simulation and Testing of Curtain Wall/Sloped Glazing Systems Alexander G. McGowan
Andre O. Desjarlais
Paper 70 Effect of Insulation and Mass Distribution in Exterior Walls on Dynamic Thermal Performance of Whole Buildings Elisabeth Kossecka
Jan Kosny
Paper 71 Radiation Balance for a Room and a Sun Space: Collapsed Matrix Solution Francisco Arumi-Noe
Paper 72 The Variation of Airtightness of Wood-Frame Houses Over an 11-year Period Gary Proskiw
Paper 73 Development of a Field Procedure to Measure the Airtightness of Wall Construction Elements of Houses Grenville K. Yuill
David P. Yuill
Paper 74 PERSIST—Pressure Equalized Rain Screen Insulated Structure Technique—Design Approach Chris B. Makepeace
Barrie T. Dennis
Paper 75 An Evaluation Guide for Performance Assessment of Air Barrier Systems William C. Brown
Bruno Di Lenardo
Gilles F. Poirier
Mark D. Lawton
Paper 76 Modeling the Interactions Between Air Distribution Systems, Building Envelopes, and the Outdoor Environment in a Typical Hot, Humid Climate Residence Lixing Gu
Philip W. Fairey
Muthusamy V. Swami
Jo Ellen Cummings
Paper 77 The Pressure Response of Buildings Joseph W. Lstiburek
Paper 78 Impact and Stability of Closed Airflow Paths Inside Insulated Structures Carl-Eric Hagentoft
Paper 79 Airtightness of Commercial and Institutional Buildings: Blowing Holes in the Myth of Tight Buildings Andrew K. Persily
Paper 80 Characterizing the Causes of Foundation Failures in New Residential Construction R. Marshall
Paper 81 On-Grade Insulated Panel Floor System G. Brown
Paper 82 Field Comparison of Spray Applied Insulation Products in Nearly Identical Production Homes M. Pesce
Paper 83 Development of Straw Insulation Board: Fabrication, Testing, Performance Modeling Joseph A. Charlson
Leon R. Glicksman
Henry S. Harvey, Jr.
Leslie K. Norford
Paper 84 Hygrothermal Performance of Building Papers and Housewraps Joseph W. Lstriburek


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