Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes
of Whole Buildings XIII International Conference

December 4-8, 2016



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Paper 1 Two DOE-2.1C Model Calibration Methods

W.E. Koran
M.B. Kaplan
T. Steele

Paper 2 The Design, Simulation, and Operation of a Comfortable Indoor Climate for a Standard Office P. Simmonds
Paper 3 As-Operated Heat Loss Coefficients of Residential Buildings in the Pacific Northwest—An Analysis of Empirical Space-Heating Energy Data R.G. Lucas
R.G. Pratt
Paper 4 Energy Savings and Interactions from Retrofit Measures in Small Commercial Buildings in Boston T.R. Sharp
J.M. MacDonald
Paper 5 The Energy Impact of Combined Solar Radiation/Infiltration/Conduction Effects in Walls and Attics M. Liu
D.E. Claridge
Paper 6 The SALFORD House—Cost-Effective Integrated Design of Thermal Envelope and Mass P.J. Webster
G.P. Keeffe
Paper 7 Materials for a Sustainable Building Industry S. Loken
Paper 8 A Perspective from the Field: The House as a System M. Uniacke
Paper 9 Indoor Air Quality Design and Performance of Modern Office Building Designed for both Energy Efficiency and Superior Indoor Air Quality and Comfort W.A. Turner
F.W. McKnight
S.M. Martel
Lorin Belinda
Paper 10 Thermal Performance of Transparent Insulation in Exterior Envelopes of Buildings G. Brouwer
Paper 11 Energy and Global Warming Impacts of CFC Alternative Technologies for Foam Building Insulations S.K. Fischer
P.D. Fairchild
P.J. Hughes
Paper 12 Long-Term Performance of Closed-Cell Foam Insulation L.R. Glicksman
M. Page
Paper 13 Modeling the Thermal Conductivity of Concrete Based on its Measured Density and Porosity J.A. Tinker
J.G. Cabrera
Paper 14 Gas-Filled Panels: A Thermally Improved Building Insulation B.T. Griffith
D. Arasteh
Paper 15 Innovative Materials and Construction Systems for Energy-Efficient Building Envelopes J. Crowley
J. Dentz
L. Gibson
L. Glicksman
L. Morse-Fortier
M. Parent
Paper 16 The Performance of an Attic Radiant Barrier for a Simulated Minnesota Winter H. Chen
T. Larson
R.W. Erickson
Paper 17 A Review of the Permanency of Fire-Retardant Chemicals Used in Cellulosic Insulation D.W. Yarbrough
Paper 18 The Experimental Long-Term Performance of Some Thermal Foundation Systems L.F. Goldberg
K.W. Luke
Paper 19 Comparison of Energy Performance of Commonly Used Insulation Configurations for Slab-on-Grade Floors M. Krarti
Paper 20 Assessment of Apparent Soil Thermal Conductivity R.L. Sterling
Paper 21 Soil Thermal Conductivity: Effects of Saturation and Dry Density B.A. Fricke
A. Misra
B.R. Becker
W.E. Stewart
Paper 22 A Shape Factor Method for Computing Heating Loads from Building Slab-on-Grade Foundations W.W. Rust
J.E. Christian
Paper 23 Temperatures and Relative Humidities in Heated and Ventilated Crawl Spaces L. Tobin
Paper 24 Crawl Space Ventilation in a Warm, Humid Climate C. DeWitt
Paper 25 The Installation of a Frost-Protected Shallow Foundation M. Bohn
L. Goldberg
P. Hendrickson
S. Meland
Paper 26 Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations Bill Eich
Paper 27 Basement and Slab Insulation Thermal Performance Field Measurements J.E. Christian
W. Rust
R. Linkous
Paper 28 Thermal Properties of Wood and Wood Products W.P. Goss
R.G. Miller
Paper 29 The Convergence Criterion in Measuring Building R-Values S.N. Flanders
Paper 30 Impact of Hygrothermal Gradients on Juvenile Wood T. Larson
R. Erickson
Paper 31 The Potential for Improved Affordability and Energy Efficiency in Panelized Housing J. Laquatra
J.A. McCarty
M.E. Levy
P. Romano
Paper 32 Airtightness of Joints in Wall Sheathing as a Function of Lumber Drying and Attachment D.M. Onysko
Paper 33 Thermal Performance of A Residential Dynamic Wall I.D. Morrison
A.N. Karagiozis
K. Kumaran
Paper 34 A Systems Approach to Extend the Limit of Envelope Performance J. Timusk
A.L. Seskus
K. Linger
Paper 35 Application of the Transfer Function Approach in the Thermal Analysis of Dynamic Wall Structures M. Virtanen
I. Heimonen
R. Kohonen
Paper 36 Insulating Masonry Walls M. Bradfield
S.S. Szoke
Paper 37 Performance of Wood-Based Siding in Energy-Efficient Homes Located in Cold Climates R.E. Kroll
K.C. Au
R.O. Gertjejansen
Paper 38 Modeling Windows in DOE-2.1E S. Rielly
F. Winkelmann
D. Arasteh
W. Carroll
Paper 39 Improving the Thermal Performance of Vinyl-Framed Windows F.A. Beck
D. Arasteh
Paper 40 Setting the Criteria for the 1992 California Residential Energy Standards C. Eley
B. Wilcox
Paper 41 Testing and Simulation of High-Performance Windows—Phase II of the Canadian/U.S. Joint Research Project on Window Performance A.H. Elmahdy
Paper 42 A New Method for Predicting the Solar Heat Gain of Complex Fenestration Systems J.H. Klems
J.L. Warner
Paper 43 A Method of Optimizing Solar Control and Daylighting Performance in Commercial Office Buildings R. Sullivan
E.S. Lee
S. Selkowitz
Paper 44 Integrated Envelope and Lighting Technologies for Commercial Buildings S. Selkowitz
J. Schuman
Paper 45 Fenestration Optimization for Commercial Building Energy Standards C. Eley
E. Kolderup
Paper 46 Thermal Performance of Window Framing Systems S. Carpenter
Paper 47 The NFRC Window U-Value Rating Procedure D. Arasteh
R.C. Mathis
W. DuPont
Paper 48 Thermal Performance of Fiberglass and Cellulose Attic Insulations K.E. Wilkes
P.W. Childs
Paper 49 The Influence of Underroof Systems on the Hygrothermal Behavior of Sloped Insulated Roofs A. Janssens
H. Hens
A. Silberstein
J. Boulant
Paper 50 Measured Values of Temperature and Sheathing Moisture Content in Residential Attic Assemblies W.B. Rose
Paper 51 System Effects on the Thermal Aging of Experimental Polyisocyanurate Roof Insulation Foamed with an Alternative Blowing Agent A.O. Desjarlais
J.E. Christian
R.L. Linkous
Paper 52 Attic Ventilation Model T.W. Forest
I.S. Walker
Paper 53 Setting of Loose-Fill Thermal Insulation—Development of a Laboratory Method for Attic Application B. Svennerstedt
Paper 54 Application and Experience in the Use of Aluminum Chips as a Reflective Surface for Commercial Roofing S.L. Fawcett
P.D. Shull
D. Smith
Paper 55 In Situ Thermal Performance of APP-Modified Bitumen Roof Membranes Coated with Reflective Coatings J.D. Carlson
J.E. Christian
T.L. Smith
Paper 56 Enhancement of Thermal Performance of Domestic Roofing System for Tropical Climes G.S. Kochhar
R.W.A. Osborne
E.R. Lewis
Paper 57 No Fault Cathedral Ceilings R. Harrington
Paper 58 A Water-Ballasted Lifetime Energy-Saving Roof System: Economic Projections R.C. Bourne
L.I. Rainer
Paper 59 New Focus for Using Two Layers of Insulation in Single-Ply Roof Systems L.D. Hogan
Paper 60 Measured Performance of Ten Roof Assemblies in a Hot, Arid Climate W.T. Grondzik
Paper 61 An Analysis of Moisture Accumulation in a Wood-Frame Wall Subjected to Winter Climate D.M. Burch
W.C. Thomas
Paper 62 Laboratory and Practical Experience with a Novel Water-Permeable Vapor Retarder V. Korsgaard
C. Rode
Paper 63 Air Exfiltration and Moisture Accumulation in Residential Wall Cavities T. Ojanen
M.K, Kumaran
Paper 64 Measurements of Moisture Diffusivity for Porous Building Materials R.F. Richards
Paper 65 Moisture Control in a Ventilated Attic I. Samuelson
Paper 66 Determination of the Effects of Moisture on the Thermal Transmissivity of Cellulose Fiber Loose-Fill Insulation P.I. Sandberg
Paper 67 A New Technique for Analyzing the Hygrothermal Performance of Building Walls A. Keresteciuglu
J. Jhinger
T. Hamlin
Paper 68 The Drying of Wood Framing in Residential Construction E. Burnett
A.J. Reynolds
T. Kervin
Paper 69 Introduction to Hotel Mold/Moisture Problems in Warm, Humid Climates M.V. Peart
D.P. Gatley
Paper 70 Two Studies of Mold and Mildew in Florida Buildings J.W. Lstiburek
Paper 71 Moisture Conditions of Non-Ventilated, Wood-Based, Membrane-Roof Components C. Rode
G. Christensen
M. Vesterlokke
Paper 72 Effect of Cavity Ventilation on Moisture in Walls and Roofs A. TenWolde
C. Carll
Paper 73 A Field Study of Indoor Moisture Problems and Damage in New Northwest Homes G. Tsongas
Paper 74 Review of Parts 1 and 2 of the ASTM Manual on Moisture Control in Buildings H. Treschsel
Paper 75 Review of Parts 3 and 4 of the ASTM Manual on Moisture Control in Buildings P.R. Achenbach
Paper 76 Economical Humidity Control: An Alternative to Reheat W.R. Beckwith
Paper 77 Development of a Computer Model for Analyzing Moisture Problems in Hotels and Motels D. Odom
G. DuBose
P. Fairey
Paper 78 Advances in Passive Solar Design Tools B.D. Howard
S.S. Szoke
Paper 79 Selection of Optimal Test Sequences for Identification of the Heat Dynamics of Passive Solar Components H. Melgaard
H. Madsen
J. Holst
Paper 80 Application of the APH Method to the Planning of a Solar House in China Y. Run-Ming
L. An-Tian
L. Bai-Zhan
Paper 81 Daylight and Energy Analysis Using an Integrated Software System J. Christoffersen
K. Johnsen
J.E. Christensen
Paper 82 Advanced Solar Low-Energy Buildings—Danish Work within IEA Task 13 K.E. Thomsen
K.B. Wittchen
B. Saxhof
Paper 83 Residential Air-Distribution Systems: Interactions with the Building Envelope M.P. Modera
R. jansky
Paper 84 Power Demand and Energy Savings Through Air Leakage Control in High-Rise Residential Buildings in Cold Climates A. Parekh
Paper 85 Fan Pressurization of School Buildings T. Brennan
W. Turner
G. Fisher
B. Thompson
B. Lingman
Paper 86 Creating Effective Air Barriers: Materials and Techniques J. Rousseau
Paper 87 Modeling Study of the Cooling Season Performance of Exterior Wall Insulation H.A. McLain
Paper 88 Affordable Housing Through Energy Efficiency R.C. Diamond
J.A. McAllister
H.E. Feustel
C. Patullo
T. Buckley
Paper 89 Diagnosing Envelope Problems by Field Performance Monitoring M.D. Lawton
Paper 90 Problems and Practical Solutions to Exterior Envelope Defects R.R. Marshall
Paper 91 Interaction of Heating and Cooling Energy Conservation Envelope Measures with Mechanical System Retrofits M.B. Gettings
Paper 92 The Use of Interactive Computer Tools for Training and Technology Transfer L.S. Shen
J.C. Carmody
E.C. Tam
Paper 93 NIST/GSA Design Guidelines for Thermal Envelope Integrity A.K. Persily
Paper 94 Better Building Codes for Energy Efficiency B.D. Howard
M. McBride
Paper 95 The U.S. Department of Energy's Voluntary Residential Energy Standard—Development and Implementation of an Economics-Based Energy Standard Z.T. Taylor
C.C. Conner
Paper 96 Airtightness Standards for Residentail Buildings in Japan H. Yoshino
Paper 97 ASHRAE Standard 90.2P Building Envelope Requirements M.F. McBride
Paper 98 Codes and Standards G. Nordeen
J. Bowman
Paper 99 Standards, Codes, and Guidelines R.L. Beck, Jr.


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