About JUMP

JUMP into STEM is an online crowdsourcing community, launched by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in 2015. designed to motivate student engagement in STEM field research and innovation. Since 2015, the JUMP community has garnered over 1,400 registered users, with the majority represented by students and small-businesses. Issuing over 20 innovation challenges, the JUMP community received over 225 idea submissions, with 18 winning ideas rising to the top. One challenge winner took his idea further and won $500,000 in a National Science Foundation grant, another winner was awarded $120,000 in Department of Energy Small Business Voucher funding.

JUMP into STEM engages university and college professors from architecture, engineering, computer science, and other departments to promote JUMP into STEM Challenges as either a modular component for course work or extracurricular development opportunities. A successful pilot ran January – March 2018, culminating in selection of a winner invited to ORNL for a paid-summer internship.

Moving forward, ORNL is collaborating with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to offer JUMP into STEM Challenges that will culminate in a Final Event competition to select and award up to 6 paid summer internships at ORNL or NREL. Be sure to visit the JUMP into STEM Terms and Conditions for specific rules and requirements. Also review the HERE and BTMSIP application criteria.

This initiative is being funded by DOE's Building Technologies Office