How It Works

JUMP into STEM is an online crowdsourcing platform focused on engaging university and college students in challenges related to building technology.

1. Register

To enter and participate in JUMP into STEM, all team members must have an IdeaScale account. Visit and create an account using your university or college email address. To be eligible for awards, idea submitters must be able to verify they are a current student in the United States and 18 years of age or older (or the age of majority in his/her state, whichever is older) at the time of entry. Please see the Terms and Conditions for the full JUMP requirements. Also, review the JUMP into STEM Building Technologies Internship Program (BTIP) application criteria. Internship applications must be submitted either before or at the same time as ideas.

2. Form a Team

University and college students must participate in teams. All team members must have an IdeaScale account. Team submissions will be evaluated for technical potential, innovation, and diversity. During the challenge judging review process, the JUMP team and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will pay particular attention to consideration of teaming criteria that includes team diversity:

  • Representation by two or more academic departments
  • Gender balance
  • Demonstrated contributions by all team members

Idea submitters should also review the JUMP into STEM Building Technologies Internship Program (BTIP) application to ensure they are eligible for competing in the final event. Internship applications must be submitted by the time idea submissions close.

3. Review Challenges and Submit Ideas

During the academic calendar year, JUMP into STEM will open three challenges for students to compete for awards. Visit Current Challenges to consider the specific questions and review the response criteria. Please note that internship applications must be submitted either before or at the same time as ideas.

4. Participate in Webinar Seminars

Each challenge will include a webinar series by industry experts designed to foster ideation and consideration of new solutions. Participate live or review recorded sessions. This is your opportunity to ask clarifying questions about open challenges. You can find registration links within each associated JUMP into STEM challenge topic.

5. Participate in the Discussions

Check out, comment, and vote on other JUMP into STEM community ideas. This dialogue helps inform ideas and innovation challenges. The leading number of votes or comments does not guarantee advancement but is one indicator for considering ideas.

The Challenge Judging Process

After the JUMP into STEM challenges close, the judging process will begin:

  • Idea submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Judging panels are balanced with representatives from the private sector, DOE, national labs, and academia.
  • Finalist awards will be based on the idea’s potential impact on reducing energy consumption in buildings, market characterization, replicability and scalability, and a review of how unique, innovative, well-articulated, and thoughtful the submission is.
  • Idea submissions will also be evaluated for team diversity and team member contributions.

Challenge Winners Selected for the Final Event

  • Winners selected for each JUMP into STEM challenge, if eligible, will be invited to participate in a JUMP into STEM Final Event on January 31, 2020, to compete for a 2020 paid summer internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory or the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
  • Additionally, eligible winners of each challenge may be invited to collaborate on a JUMP into STEM webinar to present on their idea and may be considered for future research and development collaboration.