Knoxville Students Win JUMP into STEM Summer Internship Awards

April 30, 2019

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) announced winners of its JUMP into STEM Grand Finale Event, in which students competed on building technology challenges, including data analytic models, visualization techniques, and energy-saving behavioral motivation approaches.

The 2019 JUMP into STEM winners earned a 10-week summer internship in buildings sciences at ORNL of NREL. Sarah Tinsley, a junior economics major from Georgia Institute of Technology, will spend her summer working on building fault detection and diagnostics at ORNL. Carl Woodard, a sophomore mechanical engineering major from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville will work on salt hydrate phase change material composites at NREL. Cade Lawson, a sophomore economics major, will work at NREL on seasonal factors for NREL’s national-scale building energy model, ComStock. All three work with mentors who are experts in their respective fields.

JUMP Students reeive award

From Left to Right: Cade Lawson, Carl Woodard, and Sarah Tinsley

Buildings are used almost every day by all members of U.S. society. Diversity in buildings professionals will help the industry cover the spectrum in understanding behaviors and needs of building occupants, in addition to solving interdisciplinary challenges including low-cost grid interactive efficient buildings, energy optimization and transactive controls. The JUMP into STEM program addresses these needs by providing a gateway for college undergraduate and graduate students to experience the research and career possibilities of studying building science. JUMP into STEM attracts students from diverse majors like computer science, data science, statistics, mathematics, physics, economics, sociology, meteorology, architecture, in addition to engineering.

"The student teams competing for JUMP into STEM summer internships at the Labs presented highly innovative approaches to use data to influence homeowner decisions to optimize their energy use," said Mary Hubbard, Technology to Market manager with U.S. DOE’s Building Technology Office Emerging Technologies Program. "The student competitors are bright, innovative, and deserving of their JUMP into STEM internship awards where they will gain real-world experience on energy-saving building technologies research and innovation at NREL and ORNL.” JUMP into STEM Challenge Series will roll out again in fall 2019. Collaborating with university and college professors, across the nation, from architecture, engineering, computer science, and other departments, the JUMP into STEM Challenges will be available to incorporate either a modular component for course work or extracurricular development opportunities. Challenge topics will be focused on barriers related to delivery of high-performance homes, such as: affordability, supply and demand, productivity, and trades availability. Each Challenge will be complimented and supported by a seminar series of 2 to 3 recorded webinars designed to engage the students as well as provide context and supporting information for each Challenge. Key industry experts and field practitioners are invited to speak on the Challenge topic to inspire student participation and ideation. Join the JUMP into STEM mailing list to learn more about upcoming events, activities, and news.