Calling Students: Consider Smart/Connected Solutions for Building Performance

Oak Ridge National Lab expands JUMP into STEM, opening challenges for all University and College students to join in the competition. Students in all disciplines, including architecture, engineering, and computational sciences, are invited to participate in considering the key motivators for residential and commercial building owners to manage their energy use.

Awards to Win

During the 2018-2019 student calendar year, there will be a series of JUMP into STEM “What if” Challenges. Eligible students with the winning responses will be invited to participate in a JUMP into STEM Finalist Event to compete for the Grand Finalist Award: a 2019 paid summer internship. Additionally, eligible winners of each Challenge may be invited to collaborate on a JUMP into STEM webinar to present on their idea, and considered for future R&D collaboration.

Seminar Series to Foster Ideation

A “What If” Challenge is currently open: “Connecting the Right Data at the Right Time to Improve Residential Building Performance.” This Challenge is supported with a Webinar Seminar Series:

Webinar 1, August 8th: Using Data to Characterize a Home’s Energy Use. Panelists Maddy Salzmanfrom the US DOE Home Energy Score program and Sandy Adomatis, a green valuation expert, will present on challenges and lessons learned in using data on a home’s energy use to motivate homeowner action.

Webinar 2, September 5th: Demographics to Understand our Energy UsersPanelists Suzanne Shelton, president and CEO of Shelton Group – the nation’s leading marketing communications agency focused exclusively on energy and the environment, and Elizabeth Palchak, behavior science and energy use consultant for the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, will present on application of demographic data to understand occupant behaviors and motivations.

Webinar 3:  Beta Tests and Data Analytics to Identify Key Motivatorswith speaker Omar Issac Asensio, Assistant Professor and Class of 1969 Teaching Fellow in the School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech. 

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