Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers work by reducing heat transfer by thermal radiation across the air space between the roof deck and the attic floor, where conventional insulation is usually placed.

DOE/ORNL Fingertip Fluid Properties (fProps)

This website provides free fluid properties, easily accessible using your iPhone or other mobile devices, i.e. fingertips, with an INTERNET connection.

Air Tight Savings Calculator

The air tight savings calculator helps homeowners and builders calculator energy lost when air leaks through a building’s envelope.

Roof Savings Calculator

The Roof Savings Calculator was developed as an industry-consensus roof savings calculator for commercial and residential buildings using whole-building energy simulations.

Foundation Design Handbook

This handbook provides information that enables designers, builders, and homeowners to understand foundation design problems and solutions.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)/Fraunhofer IBP is a menu-driven PC program which allows realistic calculation of the transient coupled one-dimensional heat and moisture transport in multi-layer building components exposed to natural weather.

Cool Roof Calculator

Estimates Cooling and Heating Savings for Flat Roofs with Non-Black Surfaces

Insulation Fact Sheet

Heating and cooling account for 50-70% of the energy used in the average American home. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes.


Autotune automatically calibrates models to building energy use data.

DOE Steep Slope Calculator

DOE Steep Slope Calculator estimates cooling and heating savings for residential roofs with non-black surfaces.

Whole Wall Thermal Performance Calculator

This paper describes results from both steady-state and dynamic hot box tests.

Heat Pump Design Model (Mark 7 Version)

Supports prototype research, product development, and limited alternative refrigerant evaluation for air-source vapor-compression-based equipment and appliances. The Mark 7 version is the standard fixed speed heat pump configuration with a single indoor unit.

Heat Pump Design Model (Flex Version)

Supports prototype research, product development, and alternative refrigerant evaluation for vapor-compression-based equipment and appliances. The flexible version can handle a range of units with multiple speeds for space conditioning, water heating, and refrigeration applications.

Thermal Performance and Wall Rating

This paper proposes for consideration as a nationally accepted consensus methodology a procedure for estimating the whole opaque wall R-value (whole-wall R-value), independent of system type and construction materials.

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