GIST Research Staff

Group Members

Full Name Expertise Email/Phone
Budhendra L. Bhaduri
Group Leader
Population Distribution and Dynamics, Energy and Natural Resources Modeling, Emergency Preparedness and Response 865-241-9272
Beata Taylor Administrtative Assistant 865-241-3976
Ashton Brannon Administrative Assistant 865-574-5957
H M Abdul Aziz Energy efficiency in road traffic networks, Agent-based traffic simulation, Transportation planning & operations 865-574-1187
Thomas Balkcom Geographic Information Systems, Imagery Interpretation and Analysis 865-576-9616
Eddie A. Bright Population Distribution and Dynamics, Remote Sensing and Land Cover Land Use Analysis 865-574-5430
Shane Cutshaw Population Distribution and Dynamics, Spatial Analysis and Modeling 865-576-9616
Chris Davis Geospatial Data Standards, Remote Sensing, Computer Vision 865-574-3229
Thomas Gietema Geographic Information Systems, Population and Distribution Dynamics 865-576-9859
Andrew Hardin Geospatial Algorithm Development, High Performance Geocomputation, Remote Sensing 865-241-5183
Taylor Hauser Critical Infrastructure, Spatial Modeling and Analysis 865-574-2790
Rajasekar Karthik Geographic Information Systems, Web-Based Software Design and Development, Data Management and Distribution, Open Source Software Development 865-576-9297
Jason C. Kaufman Population Distribution and Dynamics, Spatial Analysis 865-576-9859
Daniel B. Koch Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization, Digital Signal Processing, Electronic Communication and Navigation 865-241-9096
Cheng Liu Transportation Simulation and Modeling, High Performance Computation, Large Dataset Visualization 865-576-5593
Jacob McKee Geographic Information Science, Biogeography, Spatial Modeling, Remote Sensing  865-576-9490
Jessica J. Moehl Population Distribution and Dynamics, Spatial Modeling 865-576-9490
Brian Moore Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Biogeography 865-241-9466
April Morton Machine Learning, Data Mining, Population Distribution and Dynamics 865-576-9318
Aaron T. Myers GeoSpatial Application Development and Data Management, Population Distribution and Dynamics, Hydrologic Modeling 865-241-4321
Nicholas Nagle Population Distribution and Modeling, Spatial Analysis and Modeling, Data Mining and Geovisualization


Philip J. Nugent Geospatial Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Geospatial Applications Development, Transportation Systems Analysis 865-574-3229
Olufemi A. Omitaomu Streaming and Real-time Data Mining, Electrical Infrastructure Modeling and Analysis, Disaster Risk Analysis 865-241-4310
Dilip Reddy Patlolla Porting Algorithms to GPU and FPGAs, Algorithm and Software Development (865) 576-7597
Steven K. Peterson Transportation and Economic Geography, Critical Infrastructure Modeling Geostatistics 865-574-4676
Erika Pham Cartography, Critical Infrastructure, Land Use/Land Cover Change 865-574-2790
Melanie Phillips Geographic Information Science, Remote Sensing, Land Use Land Cover Analysis 865-241-9466
Jesse Piburn Data Science, Spatio-Temporal Analytics, Machine Learning, Geographic Information Science 865-576-9318
Amy N. Rose Population Distribution and Dynamics, Spatial Analysis and Modeling, Critical Infrastructure 865-576-3561
Helen Rosko Population Distribution and Dynamics, Spatial Analysis, Human Dimensions 865-574-1187
Erik H. Schmidt Cartography and Geographic Visualization, Critical Infrastructure 865-241-8257
Kelly M. Sims Population Distribution and Dynamics, Spatial Modeling 865-576-9366
Nagendra Singh Spatial Analysis and GIS, Bioenergy, Land Use/Land Cover Change, Population Modeling 865-574-4873
Alexandre Sorokine Geospatial Visualization, Geospatial Ontology, High Performance Geocomputation 865-574-4966
Robert N. Stewart Scientific Software Development, Spatial Analysis and Modeling 865-241-0596
Linda M. Sylvester

Spatial Analysis and Modeling, Open Source Data Management, Population Distribution and Dynamics, Hydrology and Climate Science

Gautam S. Thakur, Ph.D.

Research Scientist - Geographic Information Science and Technology Group (GIST

Mark A. Tuttle Cartography and Visualization, Spatial Data Management, Infrastructure Assurance 865-241-4150
Marie L. Urban Population Distribution and Dynamics, Spatial Analysis and Modeling, Critical Infrastructure 865-576-3568
Sophie Voisin 2D and 3D Image Understanding and Processing, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing 865-241-5148
Jeanette Weaver Cartography, Geographic Visualization 865-576-7597
Eric Weber Population Distribution and Dynamics, Spatial Analysis and Modeling, Cartography 865-576-9297
Devin White Population Movement, Complex Adaptive Systems, Quantitative Social Science, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, High Performance Computing 865-574-7647

Matthew C. Whitehead Population and Distribution Dynamics , Spatial Analysis and Modeling, Geospatial and Database Development 865-574-2792
Jiangye Yuan Computer Vision, Machine learning, Pattern Recognition, Remote Sensing 865-241-3794