Ranga Raju Vatsavai

Dr. Ranga Raju Vatsavai

Phone: (865) 576 3569
Fax: (865) 241 6261
Email: vatsavairr@ornl.gov


Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Minnesota, 2008
M.S., Computer and Information Science, University of Minnesota,  2003

Research Experience and Interests

Dr. Ranga Raju Vatsavai has been conducting research in the area of spatiotemporal databases and data mining for the past 20 years. Before joining ORNL in 2006, he worked at IBM-Research (2004-06; IIT-Delhi campus), U of Minnesota (1999-2004; Twin-cities, MN), AT&T Labs (1998; Middletown, NJ), Center for Development of Advanced Computing (1995-98; C-DAC, Pune, India), and National Forest Data Management Center (1990-95; FRI Campus, Dehradun, India). He has published over fifty peer-reviewed articles and served on program committees of several international conferences including SDM, KDD, and ACMGIS, and co-chaired several workshops including PDAC (with SC), SensorKDD (with KDD), KDCloud and SSTDM (with ICDM), BigSpatial and HPDGIS (with ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS). He was also involved in developing several highly successful software systems (UMN-MapServer – a world leading open source WebGIS, *Miner – a spatiotemporal data mining workbench, EASI/PACE Parallel Fly!, parallel SAR, and first parallel softcopy photogrammetry system for IRS-1C/1D satellites). His research interests are in the large scale spatial and spatiotemporal databases and data mining, remote sensing and image understanding, computational geoinformatics, HPC and cloud computing.

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