AGU Fall Meeting 2011

San Francisco, California, USA | December 5-9

GC37: Climate Extremes 4. Scales, Implications, and Adaptation

Sponsor: Global Environmental Change (GC)
Co-Sponsor(s): Atmospheric Sciences (A), Hydrology (H), Natural Hazards (NH)


Heat waves and cold spells to floods and droughts appear to have become more commonplace in recent decades and are projected to intensify in a warming environment. This session will focus on observed climate extremes across wide range of geographical scales (local, regional, and global), their implications (agricultural production, infrastructures design, management of key resources), as well as on strategies for adaptation. Examples of topics will include: observed climate extremes across the scales, statistical analysis or modeling based approaches for understanding and projecting extremes, societal impacts of hydrological extremes, and approaches to reduce vulnerability.

Invited Speakers:

  • Pasha Groisman, National Climatic Data Center
  • William Gutowski, Iowa State University
  • Michael Wehner, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Don Wuebbles, University of Illionis at Urbana-Champaign


Vimal Mishura
University of Washington

Francina Dominguez
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Auroop Ganguly
(865) 241-1305