Automation & Controls

Modeling and Simulation

The Carbon Fiber Technology Facility (CFTF) is a 42,000 sq. ft. innovative technology facility offering a highly flexible, highly instrumented carbon fiber line

Modeling, simulation, and automation reduce the manufacturing design, production cycle, and cost of manufacturing. ORNL's world-leading supercomputing facilities and broad modeling capabilities allow scientists and engineers to accelerate product design from concept to commercialization.

Sensing, Tracking, and Measurement

Advanced sensors and sensor networks will revolutionize manufacturing by providing industry the tools necessary to understand and optimize efficiency and lower operational costs. ORNL's research priorities in sensing are focused on biochemical, environmental, robotics, advanced logistics and process control systems, and intelligent sensor technologies for applications that advance science, improve energy efficiency, or enhance national security.

Communicating Wirelessly

Robust wireless communication networks offer rapid technology insertion and minimum cost of retrofit for reliable process control to improve energy savings, process efficiencies, and raw material utilization. From one-of-a-kind processes to intelligent robotics for manufacturing, the development and deployment of process automation and control are critical for productivity improvement in industry. ORNL leads the industry effort to establish wireless communication protocols and demonstrate the application of high-payoff wireless communication in industrial settings.