• Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, Visits ORNL

    Gets close up look at Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

    US Department of Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, visited Oak Ridge National Laboratory to see first-hand the next-generation science and engineering capabilities the laboratory has to offer. As part of his one- day trip, Perry visited the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility and drove the 3D printed excavator, Printed Utility Vehicle and saw the 30’ SEAL Delivery Vehicle. For more information visit our FLICKR gallery and YouTube page.

  • ORNL Joins Forces with GKN Aerospace

    Aims to Reduce Waste Associated with Aerospace Manufacturing

    GKN Aerospace and the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have signed a five-year research agreement focused on additive manufacturing. Utilizing the DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL, this $17.8 million USD cooperative research and development agreement will advance the family of hugely promising additive manufacturing processes, supporting progress towards their use in the manufacture of major, structural components for aircraft.

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  • MDF Breaks the Mold

    Large-scale, Additively Manufactured Sand Casting

    Researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Emrgy Incorporated have fabricated gearbox housing patterns using additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing. The 3D printed gearbox housing patterns are used to create sand molds for casting final parts. Small-scale sand casting patterns have been fabricated using AM in the past, but this is the first time ORNL has successfully completed an AM project of this scale and complexity.

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  • ORNL, HTS International Corporation to collaborate on manufacturing research

    Exploring conformal cooling to increase casting productivity

    The memorandum of understanding follows HTS’s recent decision to locate its headquarters and production operations in a Knox County business park adjacent to DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL. The lab’s expertise and unique facilities in materials science, metallurgy and advanced manufacturing attracted the attention of HTS’s leadership during a 2015 visit to Tennessee.

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  • Manufacturing – Pushing boundaries

    ORNL Demonstrations Microstructure Control Using Electron Beam Technology

    Advanced manufacturing will benefit from additive manufacturing techniques as demonstrated by a team led by Michael Kirka of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The method uses electron beam melting to precisely control the microstructure of additive manufactured materials, determining the mechanical properties at different locations within a part. The work is detailed in a paper titled “Strategy for Texture Management in Metals Additive Manufacturing,” published in Journal of Materials Science.

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  • Fully Functional 3D Printed Excavator to be Unveiled at ConExpo

    First Application of Large-scale Metal Additive for ORNL

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in collaboration with numerous partners in industry, government and academia, have produced the first fully-functional excavator using additively manufactured components. Known as ProjectAME, this working demonstration showcases a wide range of industrial applications for 3D printing.

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    The Roll to Roll Advanced Materials Manufacturing Consortium and partners are hosting an open call for proposals in the areas of energy storage and conversion, flexible electronics and displays, energy efficiency, and water purification, to develop a robust associated domestic materials and components supply chain. Proposals are being reviewed on a continuing basis.

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  • ORNL Batteries Research Drives Future of Formula-E Racing

    30% Increase in Energy Density

    Drivers of Formula E cars may soon no longer have to change cars midway through the race, thanks to a battery coating technology developed by XALT Energy of Michigan and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. By depositing a nanoscale layer of alumina on oxide cathodes, researchers have increased battery energy density by up to 30 percent.

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  • AMO Innovations Draw Crowds at Hannover Messe 2016

    Shelby Cobra Showcased

    During the week of April 25-29, over 190,000 visitors took over the city of Hanover, Germany for the 70th annual Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial conference. Over 50 percent of all global primary energy consumed is for industrial use, so Hannover Messe serves as a ‘hot spot’ to discuss and introduce new technologies and practices that cut energy use and implement clean energy technologies.

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  • ORNL Develops Software for Additive Manufacturing Data Analytics

    High Performance Computing to Unlock Details of 3D Printing

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Interactive Data Science and Deposition Science and Technologies groups collaborate to develop data analytics software to allow in depth exploration of in-situ additive manufacturing data.

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  • ORNL 3D prints DesignMiami pavilions

    Artfully exploring bioderived composites

    New York-based SHoP Architects engaged Oak Ridge National Laboratory to 3D print large-scale components for two pavilions to be installed on the plaza outside the DesignMiami exposition in Florida. Researchers at the lab expect the project undertaken this fall will offer valuable insight into the use of bioderived material to create large structures.

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  • 3D Printed Magnets Outperform Traditional

    Findings now available online

    Researchers at ORNL have demonstrated that permanent magnets produced by additive manufacturing can outperform bonded magnets made using traditional techniques while conserving critical materials. Scientists fabricated neodymium-iron-boron bonded magnets at DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL using the BAAM machine. The result, published in Scientific Reports, was a product with comparable or better magnetic, mechanical, and microstructural properties than bonded magnets made using traditional injection molding with the same composition.

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  • ORNL and Harper International Partner on Carbon Fiber Project

    Focus on analysis and processing as part of HPC4Mfg Program

    Harper International, world leader in custom thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, announced that in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) they have been awarded funding for a project through the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office’s HPC4Mfg Program. The Program was designed to spur the use of high performance supercomputers to advance U.S. manufacturing via public-private partnerships.

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  • ORNL- UT Governor’s Chair Named Composites Person of the Year

    Society of Plastics Engineers Recognizes Uday Vaidya

    The Society of Plastics Engineers recently named Vaidya as their 2016 Composites Person of the Year at their annual Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition. Vaidya plays a key role in the ORNL-UT partnership, both as the Governor’s Chair for Advanced Composites Manufacturing and through his ties to the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation.

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  • LeMond Composites Marks Opening in Oak Ridge

    Production of Commercial Carbon Fiber Based on ORNL License

    The company, founded by three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond, has a licensing agreement with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to manufacture industry-changing high-volume, low-cost carbon fiber. The revolutionary process, invented at ORNL has global applications in myriad markets, including transportation, renewable energy and infrastructure construction.

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  • ORNL Builds on Success at CAMX

    High Temp Tool Wins ACE Award Using Previous Winning Technology

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory researcher Vlastimil Kunc accepted the Award for Composites Excellence at CAMX for Materials and Process Innovation based on recently 3D printed high temperature tools that withstood industrial autoclave testing. The tools were printed on Cincinnati Incorporated’s Big Area Additive Manufacturing machine that won the Combined Strength award at CAMX last year.

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  • ORNL launches new accelerator for energy tech entrepreneurs

    Aim to advanced clean energy tech

    The nation’s top innovators will soon have the opportunity to advance their promising energy technology ideas at the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in a new program called Innovation Crossroads. Up to five entrepreneurs will receive a fellowship that covers living costs, benefits and a travel stipend for up to two years, plus up to $350,000 to use on collaborative research and development at ORNL. The first cohort is expected to start the program in early 2017.

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  • ORNL Showcased at International Manufacturing Technology Show

    Large-scale additive center stage

    Since its debut at IMTS 2004, the Emerging Technology Center has become a ‘must visit’ destination. This year is no different as Oak Ridge National Laboratory demonstrates large-scale additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, with the AMIE demonstration, Shelby Cobra replica, Willy's Jeep and wind blade.

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  • ORNL and Ingersoll to Develop Very Large 3D Printing Platform

    Wide and High System Will Print Up to 1,000 lbs per hour

    Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc. (Rockford, Illinois) announced at IMTS 2016 on Sept. 12 that it is forming a partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee) to develop a very large additive manufacturing system featuring targeted laydown rates of 1,000 lb/hr on a build envelope 23 ft wide by 10 ft high by 46 ft long. Dubbed Wide and High Additive Manufacturing (WHAM), the machine would represent an order of magnitude increase in speed and size over current large-format additive manufacturing sytems and could be commercially available sometime in the next 18-24 months.

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  • Guinness Book of World Records Recognizes ORNL

    ORNL Receives Award for World’s Largest Solid 3D Printed Object

    A 3D printed trim-and-drill tool, developed by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to be evaluated at The Boeing Company, has received the title of largest solid 3D printed item by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. ORNL printed the lower cost trim tool in only 30 hours using carbon fiber and ABS thermoplastic composite materials, which will be tested in building the Boeing 777X passenger jet.

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  • ORNL and Oddello Industries Pursue Recovery of Rare-Earth magnets

    Potential 1,000 metric tons to be gathered from recycled hard drives

    A process developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for large-scale recovery of rare earth magnets from used computer hard drives will undergo industrial testing under a new agreement between Oddello Industries LLC and ORNL, as part of the Department of Energy’s Critical Materials Institute.

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  • Cosine Additive to develop mid-range 3D printer in partnership with ORNL

    Enabling rapid production of medium-size tooling

    The Houston-based manufacturer behind the Additive Manufacturing 1, or AM1, 3D printer has partnered with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The mid-scale, open-source, modular machine has the ability to print with carbon fiber pellets, similar to current to large-scale additive machines. This notable ability enables rapid development of mid-size tools for the transportation, appliance and energy industries.

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  • ORNL Research Focuses on Sustainability in Manufacturing

    Bamboo Fiber Used To Create Bio-Derived Feedstock

    Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are using bamboo fiber in 3D printing experiments to determine whether bio-based feedstock materials are feasible in additive manufacturing. Chopped bamboo fibers were added to a bio-polymer resin to create bamboo-based pellets, resulting in a more sustainable material that can be used for manufacturing molds, prototypes, appliances and furniture.

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  • ORNL Research Leads to Shape-Changing Smart Material

    Multifunctional material can change shape when exposed to light or heat

    This is the first time researchers have been able to combine several smart abilities, including shape memory behavior, light-activated movement and self-healing behavior, into one material. Smart materials can react to external stimuli, like light or heat, and have a variety of potential applications, such as for actuators, drug delivery systems and self-assembling devices.

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  • ORNL Research Fosters Domestic Rare Earth Production

    New Aluminum Alloy Could Improve Fuel Efficiency

    Scientists at the United States Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Eck Industries announced last week that they have developed a new variety of aluminum alloys that are more resistant to heat and are easier to work with than current alloys. Such alloys have the potential to re-invigorate America’s production of rare-earth elements, which are key to electronics and other modern and emerging technologies.

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  • ORNL Successfully Manufactures High Temp Tools

    100% Digitally Manufactured Tools Withstand Industrial Autoclave

    A successful test of 3D printed thermoplastic molds demonstrates the potential of additive manufacturing in the tooling industry. Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility collaborated with a team of industry partners to 3D print and machine several large molds and test them in one of Boeing’s industrial autoclaves.

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  • ORNL Partners to Create Design Flexibility and Testing Efficiencies for Wind Power

    New Mold Design to be Showcased at AWEA Conference

    As part of the DOE-funded additive manufactured blade mold demonstration project, ORNL worked with several partners to 3D print a newly designed wind blade mold. Project success will enable significant cost savings for blade production as well as agility to test and evaluate emerging designs that can improved efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

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  • AMO Innovations Draw Crowds at Hannover Messe 2016

    Shelby Cobra Showcased

    During the week of April 25-29, over 190,000 visitors took over the city of Hanover, Germany for the 70th annual Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial conference. Over 50 percent of all global primary energy consumed is for industrial use, so Hannover Messe serves as a ‘hot spot’ to discuss and introduce new technologies and practices that cut energy use and implement clean energy technologies.

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  • OLCF-MDF Collab Advances 3D Printing

    New Workflow Helps Improve Visualization and Production

    In order to advance additive manufacturing technology and ensure certification and validation requirements, the Department of Energy has made strategic investments at the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) toward the development of a Data Analytics Framework for Manufacturing.

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  • ORNL Seeking Commercialization Partners

    Licensing Opportunities for Low-Cost Carbon Fiber

    ORNL is seeking commercialization partners to license a new method to produce industrial-grade carbon fiber and flame-retardant fibers from commercially-available low-cost textile-grade acrylic fiber precursor materials. The ORNL Technology Transfer Office will accept licensing applications through May 15, 2016.

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  • DOE Program Pairs US Manufacturers with ORNL Computing Resources

    ORNL to support 4 phase one projects

    The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory will support four new industry projects announced today as part of DOE’s High Performance Computing for Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg) Program.The program pairs selected companies with national labs, including ORNL, Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories, which will provide expertise in and access to high performance computing systems aimed at manufacturing challenges.

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  • 3D Printed Molds Save Time and Money

    ORNL Teams Up to Lower Cost of Wind Power

    Wind turbine blades are some of the most important—yet costly—components of a wind turbine, so finding ways to reduce the cost of blade manufacturing will further reduce the costs of wind energy.To tackle the problem, we are working with our partners to apply 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, to renewable energy technologies.

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  • BAAM Receives JEC Innovation Award

    Manufacturing technology garners international recognition

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in partnership with Cincinnati Incorporated and Dassault Systemes, will be one of only 28 companies receiving a JEC World 2016 Innovation Award. The Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) technology has revolutionized polymer 3D printing with print speeds up to 200x faster than existing systems.

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  • ORNL Infrared Cameras Capture Hidden Information

    3D Printed Properties Revealed

    Scientists at ORNL are pioneering the use of infrared cameras to image additive manufacturing processes in hopes of better understanding how processing conditions affect the strength, residual stresses and microstructure of 3D-printed parts. This is just the latest application to build upon decades of expertise in IR cameras that have added scientific understanding to promising technological developments.

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  • Live Video Tour of MDF

    Exclusive Periscope Event

    The Manufacturing Demonstration Facility will be opening its doors for a live video tour on December, 14th beginning at 1:30pm.This exclusive tour will be split into three portions each followed by 5 minutes of Q&A with the experts, broadcast LIVE via Periscope! Download Periscope for your mobile device here, or follow @ORNLMDF on Twitter, a link will be posted when the broadcast begins.

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  • Manufacturing Technologies Win R&D 100 Awards

    ORNL and Industry Partners Garner Top Recognition

    Researchers at the MDF received two R&D 100 awards after Big Area Additive manufacturing (BAAM) technology was nominated as a finalist in Process/ Prototyping and Genoa 3D Printing Simulation Software in the Software/ Services category. BAAM-CI also received an Editor’s Choice award from R&D Magazine.

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  • BAAM Wins Big at CAMX

    ORNL, Cincinnati Inc. Partnership Highlighted

    Lonnie Love of ORNL and Rick Neff of Cincinnati Incorporated, accepted the Combined Strength award at the 2015 CAMX show in Dallas, TX. The award highlights the combined efforts in developing Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) technology that has enabled rapid prototyping and production of large-scale parts.

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  • MDF Hosts 10,000th visitor

    Additive Manufacturing Conference to thank

    The Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL recently hosted it’s 10,000th visitor since opening in 2012! This milestone was met thanks in part to the 2015 Additive Manufacturing Conference held in Knoxville, TN.

  • HPC Transforms Manufacturing

    Dept of Energy unveils new HPC4mfg program

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory is collaborating with Berkley Lab and Lawrence Livermore to lead a new Dept of Energy program designed to fund and foster public-private R&D projects that enhance U.S. Competitiveness in clean energy manufacturing

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  • Commerce Secretary Praises Manufacturing Innovation at ORNL

    IACMI/MDF Part of Nation-Wide NNMI Tour

    Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker visited the new Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, praising the advances in manufacturing technology taking place in East Tennessee.

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    R&D Magazine has selected two Advanced Manufacturing finalists for this year’s awards. BAAM-CI (Big Area Additive Maufacturing- Cincinnati Incorporated), supported by the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility for the Process/Prototyping Category, and Genoa 3D Printing Simulation Software, supported by ORNL scientist Vlastimil Kunc for Software/Services category.

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  • Advanced Composites Expert Named Newest UT-ORNL Governor's Chair

    Uday Vaidya now 14th UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair

    The position of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory as leaders in the manufacturing revolution has taken another bold step forward with the hiring of Uday Vaidya as the Governor's Chair in Advanced Composites Manufacturing.

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  • IACMI Opens for Business

    U.S. Department of Energy and IACMI representatives mark official start

    Hundreds of composites experts from industry, government and academia gathered recently in Knoxville for the launch of the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation, or IACMI. A signing ceremony between the U.S. Department of Energy and IACMI representatives marked the official start of business for the newly established institute, which was announced in January by President Barack Obama.

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  • ORNL Partners with American Process Inc to improve strength of 3D printing resins

    Ultra-strong nanocellulose to be sustainable substitute for carbon fiber

    While carbon fibers have been used as a reinforcing material for 3D printing resins, their high cost and dependency on petroleum has led researchers at ORNL to investigate more economical alternative reinforcing agents such as nanocellulose.

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  • ORNL Sponsors Winning Teams at FIRST Robotics Smoky Mountain Regionals

    Three Continuing on to World Competition in St. Louis

    Of the fifty teams competing in the Smoky Mountain Regionals, three ORNL sponsored teams will advance to the 2015 FIRST Championship in St. Louis, April 22-25. Congratulations to first place winner Hardin Valley Academy RoHAWKtics who also received the Industrial Design Award, Oak Ridge Wildbots for winning Regional Engineering Inspiration Award and FIRST Dean’s List Finalist, and Bearden High School RATCHET for winning the Rookie All Star Award.



    The two-day meeting provided an in-depth look into additive manufacturing capabilities for applications in fuel cell and building technologies. Industry participated in guided discussions to identify near-term applications with the potential for improvement over current practices. Attendees toured several facilities including the Maximum Energy Efficiency Research Laboratory and DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.

  • Cincinnati Incorporated delivers new BAAM system to MDF

    ORNL home to world’s largest polymer 3D printer

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory adds a new supersized 3D printer — perhaps the largest in the world —to its capabilities in additive manufacturing at the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility. The new system, a Cincinnati Incorporated BAAM system, is capable of printing 100-lbs of polymer material per hour in sizes up to 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall. The equipment is part of an on-going partnership between ORNL and Cincinnati to lower cost and increase speed of 3D printing, creating workable alternatives for mainstream, production manufacturing.

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  • Babu, Peter build momentum in manufacturing and lightweight materials

    UT and ORNL collaborate with Michigan-based consortium "LIFT"

    UT’s College of Engineering got yet another boost recently as Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow, or LIFT, officially opened its headquarters. Part of the American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute, the Michigan-headquartered LIFT will focus on improving the performance, capabilities, and costs associated with materials such as aluminum, advanced steels, magnesium, and titanium.

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  • EWI holds Additive Manufacturing Consortium meeting at ORNL


    Edison Welding Institute hosted over 80 industry leaders for its annual Additive Manufacturing Consortium meeting at the Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL. The two-day workshop, which included a tour of the facility, was a beginner’s course in simulation and modeling for machine manufacturers, material suppliers, AM designers and users, with a focus on process modeling.

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  • ORNL reveals carbon fiber reinforced 3D printed Shelby Cobra

    Next generation of manufacturing takes on 50-year-old icon

    The 3D printed Shelby Cobra was displayed in the Technology Showcase at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Learn how our researchers in manufacturing and vehicle technologies have transformed this classic sports car into a 3D printed laboratory on wheels.

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  • President Obama Announces New Knoxville-Based Manufacturing Hub

    ORNL part of 122-member consortium

    President Obama visited Clinton, TN to announce a new manufacturing hub that will be centered in Knoxville, TN. The hub will be lead by the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation, or IACMI, a $259 million public-private partnership. The Institute reflects a $70 million commitment from the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and $189 million from IACMI’s industry partners.

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  • MS&T Features ORNL 3D Printing Capabilities

    Full article now available online

    Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated an additive manufacturing method to control the structure and properties of metal components with precision unmatched by conventional manufacturing processes.

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    Boeing and ORNL launch pilot training program in additive manufacturing

    A team of ten Boeing technical experts converged at the Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL for a week-long pilot training program focused on additive manufacturing. The MDF will function as a portal for hands-on specialized technical training and provide industry-specific expertise to fulfill immediate needs and complement joint projects.

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  • ORNL research reveals unique capabilities of 3D printing

    Innovative 3-D printing process holds unparalleled potential for engineering, design

    Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated an additive manufacturing method to control the structure and properties of metal components with precision unmatched by conventional manufacturing processes.

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  • Local Motors & ORNL Partner to Create 3-D Printed Car

    Strati Car Printed Live at IMTS Show

    "This project represents the unique opportunity DOE’s National Laboratory System offers to the industry, to collaborate in an open environment to deliver fast, innovative, manufacturing solutions," said Craig Blue, Director, Advanced Manufacturing Program and Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL. "These partnerships are pushing the envelope on emerging technologies, such as large scale additive manufacturing, and accelerating the growth of manufacturing in the United States." (Photo Local Motors)

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  • DOE Trains Veterans in Advanced Manufacturing

    Program to Continue this Fall

    The first 24 participants marked the successful completion of the Advanced Manufacturing Internship program, a pilot effort sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).

    Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman addressed the interns and attendees at a ceremony at Pellissippi State Community College, and discussed the importance of the program for the energy sector and other industries.

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  • UT-ORNL Gov Chair Babu, Winning Team

    Univ. of Tennessee Part of $140 Million White House Advanced Manufacturing Initiative

    UT-ORNL Governor's Chair for Advanced Manufacturing Suresh Babu will lead UT's effort as part of a Detroit-based Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing Innovation institute announced by President Obama on Tuesday.

    The institute is one of two -- the other based in Chicago -- funded by the Department of Defense to partner aluminum, titanium and high-strength steel manufacturers with universities and laboratories to develop new manufacturing technologies for consumer products and defense capabilities.

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  • An arm of ORNL at the White House

    Putting America at the Forefront of 21st Century Manufacturing

    A robotic arm, funded by the Office of Naval Research, made with 3-D printing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility was used as a backdrop Tuesday in the White House as President Obama announced new two manufacturing innovation institutes. (White House photo/Lawrence Jackson)

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  • ORNL and Local Motors sign CRADA

    Agreement will enable rapid design and manufacturing of vehicles through direct digital manufacturing

    Local Motors, Inc. and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have signed a new partnership to develop and deliver technology to produce the world’s first production 3-D printed vehicle.

    "By invoking the principle of open-source, this partnership – and future efforts like it – will drive a true paradigm shift in hardware product development and automotive manufacturing technologies,” said Jay Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of Local Motors. “Just as exciting as the vision of delivering the first direct digital manufactured car, is that we will be engaging future consumers to contribute and evangelize its creation."

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    Pledge to develop commercial large-scale additive manufacturing system

    The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory is partnering with Cincinnati Incorporated, a manufacturer of high quality machine tools located in Harrison, Ohio, to develop a large-scale polymer additive manufacturing (3-D printing) system.

    The project will draw on CINCINNATI’s experience in the design, manufacturing and control of large-scale manufacturing systems, especially laser cutting systems used in metal fabrication. CINCINNATI focuses on manufacturing powdered metal compacting presses, a process used to produce high volume production parts...

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    ORNL supports local teams in Smoky Mountains regional tournament

    Robotics fever continues to spread in East Tennessee, thanks in part to Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s ongoing support for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Many ORNL staff members donate their time and expertise to mentoring local teams throughout the grueling six-week build season, during which students design and build a robot to meet the challenges of the year’s game.

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