Drawing on its close ties with industry and world-leading capabilities in materials development, characterization, and processing, ORNL is creating an unmatched environment for breakthroughs in both metal and polymer additive manufacturing, or 3D printing.


Electron Beam Melting

Manufactures parts by melting metal powder in successive layers that are bound together utilizing a computer controlled electron beam.

Equipment: ARCAM

Laser Blown Powder Disposition

Uses inert gas to spray powder into a melt pool created by a high- power laser beam.

Equipment: DM3D, POM

Laser Sintering

Uses a high power laser to fuse powdered material by scanning cross-sections on the surface of a powder bed.

Equipment: Renishaw

Binder Jetting

Utilizes a liquid binding agent that is selectively deposited to join powder particles through strategic layering.

Equipment: ExOne

Metal Laser Melting

Powder materials are locally fused by a high-energy fiber laser that is directed by a mirror-deflecting unit to create layer-by-layer components.

Equipment: Concept Laser


Fused Deposition Modeling

Uses a heated nozzle to melt and deposit a thin lament of thermoplastic material into a two-dimensional pattern.

Equipment: Stratasys, 3D Systems, Afinia, Solidoodle

Multi-head Photopolymer

Inkjet print heads are used to jet liquid photopolymers onto a build platform. The material is immediately cured by UV lamps and solidified which allows to build layers on top of each other.

Equipment: Stratasys/Objet

Large-scale Polymer Deposition

Polymer pellets are heated to near molten temperatures and extruded layer-by-layer onto an out-of-the-oven build platform.

Equipment: BAAM-CI