Equipment and Capabilities

  • 9 Tesla, 8-inch Vertical Bore (Commercial Prototype System)
  • 9 Tesla, 5-inch Vertical Bore
  • 9 Tesla, 5-inch Horizontal Bore

Magnetic Field Processing

Localized electromagnetic (induction) heating of a steel pipe

The extreme high magnetic field (B) environment, generally coupled with elevated temperature (T), provides an enabling disruptive technology for making significant major science and technological advances in developing the next generation of novel structural and functional materials for broad energy and military applications. All materials are impacted by high magnetic fields and so all material systems from metallic through polymeric and protein will respond to a BT environment.

Major improvements in performance (from 15% to 300%) can be manifested in mechanical and/or physical properties as well as the development of nanocrystalline or textured microstructures or reaction paths made easier/faster through the synthesis/catalytic chemical effect of the extreme BT environment. In addition, the deformation behavior (magnetoplasticity) of materials appears to be impacted by high fields potentially enabling high and low cycle fatigue damage mitigation superplastic behavior at ambient temperature, residual stress relief, and other visionary applications. Perhaps classically brittle materials can be made to be formable under high magnetic fields. The BT environment therefore impacts phase equilibria and kinetics, is a new synthesis/catalysis paradigm, and a deformation/life enhancement processing breakthrough technology.